Nancy Reeves Collection

Nancy Reeves

Her pioneering work as an attorney, feminist, author, and international lecturer has been influential for over 80 years. Through  extensive publications and lectures she has brought a global awareness to the complexities of gender stereotypes; publishing groundbreaking books and articles, most notably Womankind: Beyond the Stereotypes, for which she received first prize in literature from the California Bar Association in 1972.

Through her work, Reeves has asked the world to analyze women's roles and examine barriers to women's equality. She has carved a legitimate place for feminism within academia and worldwide. Generations of feminists and women in all walks of life are indebted to Nancy Reeves for carving a well-worn path toward equality.

Reeves was inducted into the San Diego Women's Hall of Fame in 2003, just 3 months prior to her death. Upon passing, her family donated her entire collection of papers, books and memorabilia to the Women's Museum of California where it is currently undergoing archival accessioning.