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AC-028: Thelma Stacy Papers 

Guide to AC-028 Thelma Stacy Papers

Bulk Dates 1970-1980


Title: AC-028 Thelma Stacy Papers

Accession Number: AC-028

Creator: Thelma Stacy

Prepared By: Frances Wolven

Head Archivist: Bonnie Domingos

Date Acquired: unknown

Date Processed: May 2014


Provenance: The records were located in different locations /boxes that were identified as both as Thelma Stacy and M. Maschal. Upon appraisal after the move to NTC, the records were assessed and understood to be created by a Thelma Stacy and believed to have been acquired by M. Maschal. All of the personal correspondence to/from T. Stacy was located in manila envelope, addressed to M. Maschal and stated that the letters “were not to be opened until 2010”. In an effort to create some organization to the records, the collection that was identified as T. Stacy was keep together and an order was applied. Only the correspondence found amongst M. Maschal collection, having originating from T. Stacy was moved into her archive. No records have been found regarding how the museum acquired this collection.

Location: WMC at Liberty Station


Administrative Information:

            Access Restrictions: None

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Thelma Stacy was born January 13th, 1934 the daughter of Ruth and Andy Roe. She had two sisters, one who died at birth in 1929 and the other born September 4th, 1931 named Doris Jean. Stacy also had one brother born Feb 6th, 1938 named Charles William. Before the Great Depression, Stacy’s father was an oil driller and then after the depression became a

farm labourer. During her time at school, she was on the honor roll and received a scholarship for tuition at Wayland Baptist College. She worked and went to school from 6am to 6pm six days a week. She graduated from Control Tower School, as top honor student. From there, she went to Kelly AFB (Air Force Base) in San Antonio Texas. Stacy met her husband Reginald Stacy in Texas. Immediately after marrying Mr. Stacy, Stacy became pregnant at nineteen. She developed colitis and chronic inflammation of the lining of her nose and anaemia after her son Kent’s birth.  Stacy developed a variety of other health issues after her pregnancy.

Stacy joined the San Diego County Chapter of NOW in April 1972. She was a political activist for the National organization for Women (N.O.W.) for eight years and the National Women’s Political Caucus (N.W.P.C.) for three years. Stacy coordinated successful lobbying efforts in San Diego County for extending the time limit of ERA ratification in 1978.

In the fall of 1979, Stacy worked as a field organizer for the ERA in Chicago Illinois. And as part of the ERA campaign, she prepared an ERA Study Kit which included a summary of books, government documents and legal studies on the ERA. The kit was used throughout California and in unratified states, to promote the ratification of the ERA. After working with NOW for ten years, Stacy became ill and decided to step back from NOW. She offered to provide workshops for the ERA at her house so other women could continue the ERA campaign.


Series I

Includes correspondence divided into five sub-series. The series are arranged chronologically. Sub-series I contains personal correspondence between Stacy and her husband Reginald Stacy, to her son Kent Stacy, and her friend Mary Healey. The personal correspondence to Reginald Stacy contains personal letters written about their marriage to Thelma. She writes in detail about arguments, her husband’s verbal and physical abuses, and her plans for separation from their marriage.

Sub-series II is personal correspondence written to Kent Stacy, where Thelma discusses the state of her marriage. She argues with her son about his relationship with his father. The letters she writes also reveal the tension in her and Kent’s relationship.

Sub-series III, includes personal correspondence from Kent Stacy. Kent writes about his travels abroad in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. There are two letters that Kent writes (one to Thelma and one to Reginald) that reveals his feelings about his parent’s marriage and his relationship with his father.

Sub-series VI includes correspondence between Thelma and her friend Mary Healey and focuses almost solely on Mary’s day-to-day life. She briefly mentions Thelma having written to her and about Reginald. Mary writes about her health and about her two older children, Gail and Ed Healey.

Sub-series V includes miscellaneous correspondence to and from Thelma Stacy. There are letters to news stations, newspaper editors, and universities. The letters were arranged individually by year, from 1951-1977.

Series II

The majority of Thelma Stacy’s papers are within this series. The records have been arranged by topic because the information within the records varied to the point where it was most logical to list the topics rather than making different sub-series. The series contains essays, bibliographies, speeches, ERA education packet (compiled by Stacy), ERA research materials, ERA resources, ERA task force and NOW Speaker’s Bureau.

This series includes essays written by Thelma Stacy and others including Aileen Lipscomb, R.S. Grothaus and Russell Lewis. The essays discuss feminism and ERA, homemakers and working women, equal pay for women and the history of discrimination against women to show why the ERA was needed. It also includes a chronology of Thelma’s career development, letters of recommendation, book bibliographies for projects with the ERA task force that involved public libraries and bookstores. Also, the book bibliographies contain lists of books that Stacy had for personal use. In addition, there is an ERA Education Study packet and legislation intent compiled by Thelma Stacy that was used for congress to help pass the ERA. She also compiled research materials and resources for the ERA task force and Now Speaker’s Bureau. The series contains personal Notebooks ranging from 1977-1981. The notebooks record scheduled meetings with various people and organizations. The last set of records in series II is resume, awards and transcripts for the International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture. The majority of these papers reflect her personal research and work on the ERA issue and provides in-depth information of her ongoing projects. The ERA folders within this series contain articles and correspondence on feminism, lists of books on the Equal Rights Amendment, questions on the ERA and essays on women’s rights regarding implementation of the ERA. They also include research and facts and figures on the ERA, newspaper articles, and resource bibliographies on ERA prepared by San Diego County NOW and Suggestions for Coverage on Women’s Needs and Problems by the Media by Thelma Stacy.

Series III

Series III includes interviews that were conducted for compilation of the N.O.W “Herstory” book. Kathleen K. Haney, the woman who interviewed N.O.W women, compiled all of the research about them from 1975-1979.

Names of the women interviewed are listed alphabetically and were placed within one folder. Thelma Stacy interview was not found within this collection of records. The “Herstory” book provides a history of the N.O.W organization and the projects that members were involved with. This book can be found at the Women’s Museum of California’s Library.

Series IV

Includes publications and news resources such as newspapers and newsletters published by National N.O.W. Times, Women’s Political times, Owl Observer and some miscellaneous clippings. Newsletters include NOW San Diego County, Mormons for ERA, California Women and miscellaneous newsletters.

Series V

 Includes artifacts collected by Thelma Stacy. The artifact of highest importance is the ERA Education Packet signed by Gloria Steinem. The artifacts were organized into groupings and each one was given a description. The groupings include jewelry, buttons, stickers, badges, photographs, posters and miscellaneous artifacts. The miscellaneous artifacts include pins, hat, gloves and a banner. 


Box 1:

Series I. Correspondence

Sub-Series I. Personal Correspondence to Husband Reginald Stacy

Folder 1: 1975

Folder 2: 1975

Folder 3: January 13th, 1977

Folder 4: no date

Folder 5: 1983

Folder 6: 1986

Folder 7: 1992

Folder 8: no date

Folder 9: no date

Folder 10: no date


Sub-Series II. Personal Correspondence to Son Kent Stacy

Folder 11: no date


Sub-Series III. Personal Correspondence from Son Kent Stacy

Folder 12: June 23rd, 1981

Folder 13: March 4th, 1982

Folder 14: August 3rd, 1983

Folder 15: no date

Folder 16: no date

Folder 17: Oct. 27th?

Folder 18: Feb. 10th-20th, 1992?

Folder 19: Nov. 17th-Dec. 1st,?


Sub-Series IV. Personal Correspondence from Mary Healey

Folder 20: April 30th, 1969

Folder 21: Nov. 8th, 1985

Folder 22: Dec. 11th, 1985

Folder 23: Jan. 6th, 1986

Folder 24: Jan. 12th, 1986

Folder 25: Jan. 13th, 1986

Folder 26: Jan. 24th. 1986

Folder 27: Jan. 25th, 1986

Folder 28: Feb. 3rd, 1986

Folder 29: Feb. 17th, 1986

Folder 30: March 7th, 1986

Folder 31: April 3rd, 1986

Folder 32: May 14th, 1986

Folder 33: June 20th, 1986

Folder 34: July 22nd, 1986

Folder 35: no date


Sub-Series V. Misc.; Correspondence to and From Thelma Stacy

Folder 36: Aug. 13th, 1951-April 19th, 1977

Folder 37: no dates

Folder 38: no dates

Folder 39: no dates


Series II. Personal Research and Work

Folder 1: “Background Case History Thelma Stacy”

Folder 2: “My Diary”

Folder 3: Career Development and Letters of Recommendation

Folder 4: “Orientation Term Paper; “Heredity, Environment and Personality” May 14th, 1952 Wayland Baptist College”

Folder 5: Essays

Folder 6: Books, Bibliography

Folder 7: Books, Bibliography

Folder 8: Books

Folder 9: Books, Bibliography

Folder 10: Books, Bibliography

Folder 11: Books, Bibliography


Box 2:

Folder 12: Books, Bibliography

Folder 13: Books, Bibliography

Folder 14: Speeches

Folder 15: ERA Education Packet and Legislative Intent

Folder 16: ERA Research Material

Folder 17: ERA Resources

Folder 18: ERA Task Force

Folder 19: NOW Speaker’s Bureau

Folder 20: Personal Notebook 1977

Folder 21: Personal Notebook March 1977- March 1978

Folder 22: Personal Notebook March 1978- September 1978

Folder 23: Personal Notebook April 1979- Spring 1981

Folder 24: Personal Notebook 1981

Folder 25: Personal Notebook April 1981

Folder 26: Resume and Awards and Transcripts International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture

Folder 27: Misc.; Personal Ephemera


Series III. Interviews for NOW “Herstory” Book

Folder 1 of 1: Berkouf, Rose

Crane, Grandin Julianne

Casale, Joan

Chacon, Estelle

Ewing, Radlow Ann

Gleason, Jan

Hrycyszyn, Patricia

Johnson, Gloria

Porte, Ruth

Petrosian, Sylvia

Riddle, January

Rosselli, Judith

Schuchman, Brina Rae

Stern, Jean

Wilson, J. Jacquelyn


Box 3:

Series IV. Publications and News Resources

Sub-Series I. Newspapers

Folder 1: National NOW Times May 1979-April 1991

Folder 2: Women’s Political Times April 1979-1989

Folder 3: Owl Observer Dec. 1985-Aug. 1986

Folder 4: Misc.; Newspaper Clippings


Sub-Series II. Newsletters

Folder 5: NOW San Diego County March 18th, 1973-Feb. 1986

Folder 6: Mormon’s For ERA Fall 1985-Spring 1986

Folder 7: California Women Fall 1977-June 1980

Folder 8: Misc.; Newsletters


Sub-Series III. Various Organizations

Folder 9: The Spirit of Houston: The First National Women’s Conference Official Report 1978

Folder 10: NOW Accomplishments

Folder 11: Real Women, Real Lives: Marriage, Divorce, Widowhood.

Folder 12: Playgirl Sept. 1973

Folder 13: Civil Rights Digest Winter 1978

Folder 14: Shana Alexander’s State-By-State Guide to Women’s Legal Rights

Folder 15: Time Magazine 1972-1982

Folder 16: Misc.; Publications

Folder 17: Misc.; Pamphlets


Box 4:

Series V. Artifacts


1. Photograph- “To Thelma. Babs.” Woman in full air force uniform. Black and white photograph.

2. Photograph-Mary Healey. Dog and cat with Mary on her bed.

3. Photograph-Mary Healey’s kids-Eddie and Gail. Summer of ’82.

4. Photograph-Denise Gregor-Hallich (?), W.V. January, 1978. Shovelling snow.



1. Button-yellow with black letters. “Support Life Illegal Abortions Kill Women.”

2. Button-white with red letters. “If Home is His Castle Let Him Clean It.” Women’s Graphics. (213) 935-1568.

3. Button-white with blue letters. “I’m Pro-Choice and I Vote.”

4. Button-white with purple letters. “November 12th Mobilize for Women’s Lives.” Across the USA and Washington, D.C.

5. Button-Green? with black letters. “A man of quality is not threatened by a woman of equality.”

6. Button-swirl (prism). Inside a bag.

7. Button-National Women’s Political Caucus logo; NWPC. 

8. Button-blue with red letters. “January 22nd, 1973 Reproductive Choice.” Navy blue flowers.

9. Button-white (with a brown stain) and red letters. “Equal.”

10. Button-yellow with maroon letters. “New Directions for women. Some leaders are born women.”

11. Button-“A New Day Beyond ERA.” Orange and yellow letters. Orange and yellow on button.



1. Necklace-two sides. First side: “Failure is Impossible.” Second side: “Never Another Season of Silence.” 1966. Group of women raising a symbol: circle with two lines and a cross underneath.

2. Necklace-“Failure is Impossible.” Woman holding American flag and holding a piece of parchment that says ERA.

3. Necklace-“Women’s Bicentennial.” 2776-1976. Woman holding American flag and a piece of parchment that says ERA. No chain attached.

4. Necklace-“Never Another Season of Silence.” 1966. Group of women raising a symbol: circle with two lines and a cross underneath. Backside: “Failure is Impossible.”

5. Necklace-two signs for female.

6. Necklace-quarter dollar. Gold. Liberty. 1979. Stars. Woman. “In God We Trust.” Backside: United States of America. Stars. Eagle. One dollar.

7. Necklace-letters ERA.

8. Necklace. Gold. Owl encircled in female symbol (?)



1. Badge? “Thelma Stacy San Diego County.” San Diego California. A man and woman pictured. Man has a poncho (?) over his shoulder and he is holding a guitar. The woman has her hand raised and is wearing a big hat w/ shirt and shorts. Top left-hand corner: picture of a tower w/ trees.

2. Badge-  “Thelma Stacy San Diego County.” San Diego California. A man and woman pictured. Man has a poncho (?) over his shoulder and he is holding a guitar. The woman has her hand raised and is wearing a big hat w/ shirt and shorts. Top left-hand corner: picture of a tower w/ trees. “San Diego County Thelma Stacy San Diego.”

3. Badge-8th National NOW Conference. October 24-27, 1975. Philadelphia, pa. “It’s Our Revolution NOW.” 8507. Thelma Stacy San Diego NOW. NOW logo surrounded by stars and cross.

4. Badge-“Countdown to Equality.” 1981 National NOW Conference. Washington, D.C. Member. Thelma, Stacy. NOW logo.

5. Badge-Thelma Stacy. Admin. VP. San Diego County NOW.

6. Badge-Los Angeles. “City for All Seasons.” Birds of paradise. Thelma Stacy. Sticker 106.

7. Badge-NWPC (National Women’s Political Caucus) logo. LTA (?) logo. Local 11509. Thelma Stacy NWPC, ERA Coordinator.

8. Badge-Thelma Stacy. San Diego, Long Beach. Drawing of boat on water.

9. Badge-Thelma Stacy. Speaker’s Bureau.

10. Badge-8th Regional Conference on Women and the Law 1978. Thelma Stacey San Diego, Ca. Panellist. October 27-29. Western State University College of Law. 1333 Front Street. San Diego, California. 92101. (714) 232-2636.

11. Badge-Thelma Stacy. San Diego County Chapter NOW. Blue stripes.

12. Badge-Thelma Stacey. Spring Learning. April 28-30, 1978. San Diego, Calif. Picture of sunrise inside a raindrop with a butterfly.

13. Badge-14th National Conference. “Countdown to Equality.” Washington, DC.-1981. NOW logo top left-hand corner. Thelma Stacy San Diego, Cal. Delegate Signature: Thelma Stacy. Cred. Comm.: UT. Delegate No.: 0545. Picture of Thelma Stacy lower left-hand corner. Red background. She is wearing yellow and green.



1. Sticker-“Men’s Rights and nothing more. Women’s rights and nothing less.”-S.B. Anthony. Era on the side. NWPC-SDC logo underneath quote.

2. Sticker-four stickers-“Support ERA.”

3. Sticker-Green. “ERA Yes.”

4. Sticker-roll of stickers. Needs tape.

5. Sticker-“Vote Choice.” National Women’s Political Caucus. NWPC logo. 1275 K Street, N.W. Suite 750. Washington, DC. 20005. (202)898-1100.

6. Sticker-Picture of Earth. “I Support Greenpeace.” Orange and green letters. 1990. Post office box 3720 Washington D.C. 20007.

7. Sticker-“ERA Yes.” Green circle. White letters.

8. Sticker-Symbol for female in blue and white. Blue and white owl. Older Women’s League. 730 11th Street NW Suite 300. Washington, DC. 20001-4512.

9. Sticker-Public citizen logo. Red and blue. “Nader’s Raiders.” Red and blue. “Fighting for Better Government and Public Safety.” Black letters. 2000 P Street, N.W., Suite 605, Washington, D.C. 20036.

10. Sticker-Page of seven stickers. Black and white letters. Black and white stickers.

11. Sticker-Sticker-Thelma Stacy. Post-It-Note: “Men Have Only Two Faults: Everything They Say and Everything They Do.” p-713. Copyright 1986. 3M.



1. Poster-“I want to be an outrageous old woman who is never accused of being an old lady. I want to get leaner and meaner. Sharp-eyed, color of the earth. ‘Til I discorporate from sheer joy.” Anonymous. Brown paper. Gold letters.

2. Poster-red poster: “Thelma is off and Away.” Red letters. Plane. “Winning of the ERA.” Written on the plane.

3. Poster-blue poster. “Illinois will be in for a big surprise, when Thelma-our Grand Orator, and Organizer—arrives.” Woman in black on a black staircase wearing pearls pictured. “Phyllis—get ready for your demise.” Red letters.

4. Poster-green poster. “There’s been many a time her body gives her flack…But she miraculously always bounces back!” Woman on a bed covered in a sheet pictured below.

5. Poster-orange poster. “She never loses a fight!” black letters. Woman hanging from handles (?) swinging. “When she knows, she’s right.” Orange letters.

6. Poster-yellow poster. Picture of a woman in a field of yellow flowers with a dress and riding and on a white horse. “Once again to save the Day and the ERA.” Black letters.

7. Poster-pink poster. “Thelma knows the score, and will accept tokenism no more!” comic pictured below Marlette by Doug Marlette. Picture of Uncle Sam talking to a woman scrubbing floor wearing an ERA pin.

8. Poster-red poster: “Your persistence and power packed dedication will be rewarded—when women’s place in the Constitution—is awarded.” Picture of a crowd below. “Thank-You Thelma!” We’ll always remember, love and respect you—your feminist sisters.”


Frames-set of frames (3)

1. Arab woman of Lake Huleh (Holy Land). Singed Southby. Back: “One of a series of four drawings made from traditional costumes of the Holy Land and donated by S. Southby Cards printed for and sold by United Nations Relief and Words Agency Women’s Auxiliary for the benefit of its Arab Refugee Charities.” Printed in Lebanon by La Serigraphie. Frame size: 4x6.

2. Arab woman of Ramallah (near Jerusalem). Two of three frames. Frame size: 4x6.

3. Arab Woman of Bethlehem. Three of three frames. Frame size: 4x6.

Note w/ frames: To Mary from Brina-Rae.   


Obituary Materials

1. Obituary Materials-“We Remember our Sister…” set of five. Purple and gold. Purple and yellow flowers.

2.  Obituary-“We Remember Our Sister Thelma Stacy 1934-1995. 


Miscellaneous Artifacts

1. Pin?-door with lock and chain across. 1977 engraved on back hinge. NWPC(?) engraved on opposite back hinge.

2. Medal? Necklace?-Gold. Woman with headband(?) Crown (?) says Kellog and Co. Surrounded by stars. 1854.

3. Pin-Green with white and gold letters. “NOW National Organization for Women.”

4. Heart. Gold.

5. Small purse. Floral design. Zipper.

6. Hat-White with American flag. “America 3 The Women’s Team America’s Cup 1995.” Faded rim.

7. Gloves-pair of gloves. Lace or knitted gloves? White.

8. Banner? “39 Alive Supports This Effort.” San Diego Advisory Committee. P.O. Box 9752 San Diego, Ca. 92109. (714) 283-5143. Heavily stained and yellowed. On back: National Women’s Conference Hareston 1977.

9. Sign-sign. Handwritten on white cloth. Reads: “Stay Out of My Bedroom.”

10. Matches-matches encased in small plastic bag. President of the United States seal. Backside: Jimmy Carter.

11. Sash? “National ERA March’ 78. Gold sash with purple lettering. Torn and stained with holes.

12. Bag-dollar printed on all sides. “Please do not cut bag when opening. Return to U.S. Mint Denver.” Dollar. $2000 . 1979. Marked fromink? Stained on the front.

13. Decoration? Bird. Two lines painted on tail and women’s symbol on front.

14. Small bag. Sugar packets. Famous women throughout history pictured on packets. Facts about “Outstanding American Women.” on the back of each sugar packet. Sugar. Packed by I.A.M. Perrysburg, Ohio. 43551.

15. Plaque. Pink. Hook. “An 80’s Woman.” Poem. Blue and green squiggles (flowers?) . 1984. Hallmark Cards, Inc. Sticker on the back: Hallmark plaque logo. DE8084. Made in U.S.A. 

16. Sign-“I will live to see women’s spirit sweep over the Earth like wildfire: out of men’s control, untameable, cleansing, renewing, awaking. I will live to see women walking hand in hand the world over. I will live to see us free!” paper. Handwritten in blue ink.

17. Program-“A Memorial Service for Women who have been victims of a sexist society.” St. John’s Episcopal Church Charleston, W.V. November 12th, 1977.

18. Program-“A Memorial Service for Women who have been victims of a sexist society.” St. John’s Episcopal Church Charleston, W.V. November 12th, 1977.