Women & Development

AC-005 Women & Development Container List            
Series 1 Subject Files Publication Type Title Author Publisher Issue Date
Box 1 Folder            
  1 Links          
    Brochure Gazing at the Environment Various Zimbabwe Women Writers   1992
    Booklet Great Plains Quarterly Various Ctr. for Great Plains Studies Vol . 8,No.2 Spring 1988
    Clipping Stories of New Women Unk. Unk. Unk. Unk.
    Newsletter Her Own Words Riley, Jocelyn Riley, Jocelyn Vol. 5 No 4 Fall 1992
    Order Forms  Woman of Power n/a Woman of Power n/a n/a
    Newsletter Why Your Issue 23 Has Been Delayed Charlene/Gail/Gene Woman of Power n/a 1-20-1993
    Letter Storytellers Mary n/a n/a March 8
    Brochure Broomstick Taylor & Spencer, (ed) Broomstick n/a n/a
    Brochure Can the Women's Movement Reach You? n/a National Women's Mailing List n/a n/a
    Letter Storymakers Lois n/a n/a n/a
    Newsletter Who Are Storymakers? Sunrich, Lois Storymakers n/a 1992
  1 Links          
    News Clipping Her Story & Denman to Resurrect unk unk Unk Unk
    Brochure Women's Heritage: 500 Years of Struggle and Existence Colorado Women's Agenda Institute for Women's Studies and Services n/a 1992
    Newsletter The Circle   Brescia College, London Vol 7  May 1993
    Invitation The Lesbian Herstory Archives n/a LHEF, Inc. n/a 1993
    Mag. Sub. International Magazine of Asian Women n/a International Magazine of Asian Women n/a n/a
    Journal Friendly Woman n/a Friendly Woman, Inc. Vol 11 No 1 Spring 1993
    Envelope (Empty Envelope) n/a Manushi n/a n/a
    Newsletter Grailville n/a Grailville n/a May 1993
    Ad Storymakers n/a Storymakers n/a n/a
    Letter (To Storytellers) Vukasin, Helen n/a n/a n/a
    Form Letter Woman of Power McKee, Charlene Woman of Power n/a 5-3-1993
    Newsletter AHEA International Section Cowan, Donna, ed. College of Family & Consumer Sciences n/a Spring 1993
    Program You Can Change the World n/a Women's International n/a n/a
    Newspaper Action n/a American Home Economics Assoc. Vol 19 no 5 July/August 1993
    Newsletter Grailville n/a Grailville n/a Sept. 1993
    Bulletin Women and the Hindu Right n/a Committee of South Asian Women Vol 8 no 3 and no 4 n/a
  2 Women Pioneers          
    New clip (copy) Achievements/Evaluations of Wiley College Hattie Ruth Elam Mason, Henry J. Wiley College, Marshall, Texas n/a May 1937
    New clip (copy) Lawyer, 68, Hits Her Stride (re:  Hattie Elam Briscoe) Salazar, Veronica Unk Unk Unk
    New clip (copy) Injustice Spurred Her to Achievement (re:  Hattie Elam Briscoe) Salazar, Veronica Express-News Corp. Unk 1984(?)
    New clip (copy) Success Story - - Texas Style Unk The Brown Texas, Fort Worth, TX Vol 1, No 6 October 1964
    New clip (copy) UNCF School Graduate:  Mrs. Hattie E. Briscoe Unk SNAP News Unk Dec.9, 1989
    New clip (copy) Woman of the Week  (re:  Hattie E. Briscoe) Unk Unk Unk Unk
    New clip (copy) Five Relate Responses to Disappointment (Hattie Briscoe) Pisano, Marina The Sunday Express News Unk June 29, 1986
    New clip (copy) Atty. Hattie Briscoe Willis, Elmyra San Antonio Register Unk October 23, 1980
    New clip (copy) Meet Hattie, She battles obstacles to make a bit of history Jakle, Jeanne The News-San Antonio Unk February 26, 1980
    New clip (copy) Runaway Finds Way to Success (re: Hattie Briscoe) Glosson, Ed The San Antonio Light Unk Sept. 22, 1974
    New clip (copy) Hattie Briscoe Phelon, Craig Unk Unk Unk
    New clip (copy) Investing in Tomorrow's Leaders (re:  Hattie Briscoe) Wynne, Robert The San Antonio Light Unk Dec. 20, 1989
    New clip Pioneer Woman (re: Hattie Briscoe) Geddie, P.A. San Antonio Current Unk March 11, 1993
    Envelope Empty Envelope From TLC n/a n/a 1991
    Bio. Sketch Hattie Ruth Elam Briscoe Ð Attorney at Law Unk Unk Unk Unk
    Letter To Dr. Briscoe re: draft of story for StoryLetters Riddle, Katharine (Kittu) n/a n/ February 28, 1994
    Article Hattie Briscoe Scholarship Established Unk Unk Unk Unk
  3 Women & Agriculture          
    Article Catalog Fills Fashion Void Faced by Cancer Victims Unk Unk Unk Unk
    Article Study:  Farm Wives Outside Income Keeps Family Going Unk Sunday Journal Star Unk June 7, 1987
    Report Women Ð The Realities of Roles and Rights Hanway, D. G. n/a n/a Sept. 25-27, 1987
    Article Female Farm Landlords, 1979 Scholl, Kathleen Family Economics Review No 3 1985
    Article Classification of Women as Farmers: Economic Implication Scholl, Kathleen Family Economics Review No 4 1983
    Subscription Women World Survey Sivard, Ruth Humphrey Institute n/a July 25, 1985
    Article African Women Seek Attitude Changes, More Productive Roles in Economy Unk Lincoln Journal Unk December 24, 1984
    Newsletter Bifad Briefs Pierce-Colfer, Carol Agency for Intl Dev. Vol IV Sept-Oct `81
    Report Fighting the African Food Crisis: Women Food Farmers & Food Workers n/a UN Development Fund for Women n/a 1986
    Newsletter Economics Newsletter Taylor, Donald, ed. Economics Dept., SDSU No 180 Feb.25, 1982
    Article Farewell to Superwoman Ð And Maybe Superman, Too Friedan, Betty Readers Digest n/a Unk
    Article Women in Rural Development Wiese, Eva-Maria German Foundation for International Development Unk 1985
    Article A Feminist in Sweden : I have seen the future and it (almost) works Pogrebin, Letty Cottin Ms. Unk April 1982
    Article A Close Look at Labor Statistics Burst the Supermom Myth Churchman, Deborah Christian Science Monitor Unk July 9, 1987
  4 Religion & Lesbian Empowerment          
    Article UNL Women's Studies Program Celebrates 20 Years of Growth Heinz, Bettina The Scarlet Unk January 31, 1997
    Article Albright's Appointment a Sign of Real Change Newman, Robert Unk Unk February 4, 1997
    Article Feminize Replies to Criticism Delivered by a Fellow Nazi Ivins, Molly Unk Unk Unk
    Article How Do We Talk About Religious Political Extremists? Lake, Celinda HRC Quarterly Unk Winter 1996
    Article Candidates' Wives Reflect Strengths of American Protestantism Heckler-Feltz, Cheryl Unk Unk Unk
    Article Another Revelation: Mary Magdalene the First Apostle? Butler, Diana San Antonio Express-News Unk March 30, 1997
    Article Jewish Feminists Revive Old Tales for Hanukkah Unk Unk Unk Unk
    Article Witch Ways: Before the Burnings, Wise Women Revered as healers, Givers of Life Butler, Diana San Antonio Express-News Unk October 27, 1996
    Article A Center of Consciousness:  Followers of Jung Gather to see beyond the obvious Cook, Nancy Images, San Antonio Express-News Unk October 27, 1996
    Article Survey Finds Women Lag in Texas Unk Assoc. Press Unk Unk
    Article Polite in Life's Battles, They Go Nobly, Quietly Wright, Elizabeth Unk Unk May 26, 1997
    Article Eisenhower's Granddaughter Salutes Mrs.. Ike Rigler, Judyth San Antonio Express- News Unk October 20, 1996
    Article UNMC Professorship Honors Mother and Daughter (Ardith Von Housen) Unk Campaign Nebraska Reporter Vol 64 Winter 1996
    Article Buy the Book:  Sold out Book & Author Luncheon to Benefit Cancer Research Rigler, Judyth San Antonio express-News Unk 1996
    Newsletter All About Astraea! n/a National Lesbian Action Foundation Unk Unk
    Ad CTRC Bosom Buddies n/a San Antonio Express-News Unk January 4, 1997
  5 Getting Food to Avert Hunger          
    Article  Women Farmers Plow New Ground Sinn, Rosalee Horizons n/a July/August 1990
    Article Uganda:  Army, Rebels Squeeze Civilians Press, Robert M. The Christian Science Monitor Unk July 18, 1989
    Article Bosom Buddies Join Fight Against Cancer Rosenbach, Kate San Antonio Express-News Unk January 5, 1997
  5 Women's Industries          
    Article (copy) Winning Carpet Extract from Daily Telegraph, London International Press Cutting Bureau Unk June 23, 1989
    Article (copy) DOBAG Schroeter, E. Galleri Dobag Unk Unk
  6 Women in Sustainable Agriculture          
    Report Women & Sustainable Agriculture: Unique Challenges and Opportunities Boehner, Mossi, Younquist, Minor Unk Unk Unk
    Article Women Farmers Plow New Ground Sinn, Rosalee Horizons Unk July/August 1990
    Article Sustainable Practices Work for Illinois Farmers Gunset, George San Antonio Light Unk February 11, 1990
    Report U.S Agriculture & the Developing World: Partners or Competitors? Paarlberg, Robert L. Curry Foundation Unk @1986
    Report & Letter Women & Sustainable Agriculture:  Unique Challenges and Opportunities Boehner, Mossi, Younquist, Minor Unk Unk Unk
    Report Women & Sustainable Agriculture:  Unique Challenges and Opportunities Boehner, Mossi, Younquist, Minor Unk Unk Unk
    Report Women & Sustainable Agriculture:  Unique Challenges and Opportunities Boehner, Mossi, Younquist, Minor Unk Unk Unk
    Articles Perspectives Various Women in Agriculture Unk Unk
    Newsletter News from the CGIAR Unk Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research Vol 5 No 2 June 1985
    Article (copy) Acker Names Assistant to Aid Administrator for Agriculture Unk Unk Unk Unk
  7 Women in Population and Choice          
    Article Margaret Walker, Central Texas Regional Director Unk Unk Unk Unk
    Article Shelia Enid Cheaney: Texas ACLU Lobbyist Unk Unk Unk Unk
    Article Margaret Sanger's Mission Lives On:  Planned Parenthood Honors Its Founder Unk Unk Unk Unk
    Brochure Independent Commission for Population and Quality of Life Unk ICPQL Unk Unk
    Article Sanger Leads Birth-Control Revolution Halberstam, David The Denver Post Unk July 1, 1993
    Newsletter Population & Quality of Life Independent Commission Unk PQLIC No 1 October 1993
    Article Fanisi's Choice Tierney, John Science Unk Jan/Feb 1986
  7 Women's Insights from Difficulty          
    Article Paralysis Couldn't Stop Her:  Despite Wreck's Legacy, Terry Kehrer Triumphed Unk San Antonio Express-News Unk Unk
    Article A Teacher's Education (re: Dr. Frances Conley) Mistiaen, Veronique Chicago Tribune Unk October 25, 1992
    Article 90-Year-Old Was Still in Charge of Her Life Bombeck, Erma Unk Unk March 12, 1993
    Article Success Can Fool You (re: Marilyn Horne) Ryan, Michael Parade Magazine Unk February 27, 1994
    Article Harris Just Another Victim Who Deserves Freedom Goodman, Ellen Unk Unk Unk
    Article The World Doesn't Owe Me A Thing (re:  Rosie Perez Buchalter, Gail Parade Magazine Unk September 19, 1993
    Article Peace March Sends a Message Ellis, Sarah Denver Post Unk June 17, 1993
    Article Home Among the Ruins:  Recollections of a Vietnam Nurse Shirley Menard as told to Melissa Gaskill San Antonio Express-News Magazine Unk March 7, 1993
    Article Shooting War's Aftermath Romero, Tomas The Denver Post Magazine Unk July 4, 1993
    Article (copy) This Broke a Silence of 30 Years Unk The Christian Science Monitor Unk August 3, 198?
  8 Political Women          
    Article (copy) The Women's Hour:  Clinton Appointees Revel After Their 1st Year of Power Radcliffe, Donnie The Washington Post Unk February 9, 1994
    Article Elizabeth Dole Capitals Other Power Wife Unk San Antonio Express-News Unk October 24, 1993
    Article Eleanor Roosevelt Worthy of Tribute Maverick, Maury Unk Unk October 24, 1993
    Article Mrs. Clinton Offers Her Views On Rumors, Style, Tax Unk San Antonio Express-news Unk December 22, 1993
    Article Revolutionary Welfare Plan in the Works (re:  Donna Shalala) Unk The Denver Post Unk August 29, 1993
    Article Chisholm Doesn't See Woman, Minority Leading U.S. Soon Anderson, Christopher San Antonio Express-News Unk Unk
    Article Will She Be a Force For Change? (re:  Janet Reno) Gordon, Barbara Parade Magazine Unk May 2, 1993
    Article Senator's Outrage Changes Votes (re:  Senator Carol Moseley-Braun) Lee, Jessica USA Today Unk July 23-25, 1993
    Article Moseley-Braun's Dramatic Stand Lee, Jessica USA Today Unk July 23-25, 1993
    Article Senators to Quiz Elders Today (re:  Joycelyn Elders) Hall, Mimi USA Today Unk July 23-25, 1993
    Article Power and the Glory.  First Lady, Senators, Social Activists Ð Capital Women All Unk Newsweek Unk December 28, 1992
    Cover page Cover picture of Hillary Clinton n/a Parade Magazine Unk April 11, 93
    Article (copy) 1492 Ð 1992 Ð Seeking to Rediscover the True History Unk Churchwoman Unk 1992
  8  Women Authors          
    Article Pakistan Leader Opens Women's Police Station Unk Unk Unk January 26, 1994
    Article (copy) Women Tell the Stories of Their Lives Manning, Anita USA Today Unk Unk
    Article An Interview with Clarissa Pinkola Estes Unk Unk Unk Unk
    Article An Old Painful Story, San Antonio Poet Reflects on Jerusalem Nye, Naomi Unk Unk Unk
  8 Women Achievers Over 90          
    Article We're Having Our Say  (re:  Elizabeth and Sarah Delaney) Lyons, Christine & Barnhill, William Unk Unk 1993-94
    Article Achievers Over the Age of 90 (re:  Judith Anderson) Unk Parade Magazine Unk September 26, 1993
    Article Sleuthing, She Wrote (re:  Virginia Snyder) Unk Modern Maturity Unk Feb-March 1992
    Article Riding High at Patriot Heights (re: Panchita Thomson) Unk Unk Unk Unk
  8 Movie Stars          
    Article Can't Stop Dancing (re:  Shirley MacLaine) Dolen, Christine San Antonio Express-News   January 10, 1994
    Bulletin Bulletin Board n/a University of Nebraska-Lincoln Vol 53, No 39 June 2, 1989
    Article Out front (re: Amy Tan) Rowlands, Penelope Mother Jones n/a July/August 1989
    Article The New Woman in the Movies Mason, M.S. World Monitor n/a Feb. 1991
  9 Religious Women          
    Article Memoir Rakes Mormons, Best Selling Book Blasts Church's Indoctrination O'Neill, Molly O. The Denver Post n/a August 3, 1994
    Form Letter Maryknoll Sisters (re:  Sister Mary Alma Erhard) Condon, Marlene n/a n/a August 1, 1991
    Article A Telling Way to Grow, Women Share Stories as a Faith Exercise Lance, Mary San Antonio Light n/a November 5, 19892.140
    Article First Order of Black Nuns Heed Call for 165th Year From the Baltimore Sun Los Angeles Times n/a March 12, 1994
  9 Daring Women          
    Article She Jumps into Danger (re: Kasey Rose) Whittemore, Hank Parade Magazine n/a Jan. 23, 1994
  9 Honored Women          
    Article Elion Wins Spot in hall of Fame (re:  Gertrude Belle Elion) Unk Unk n/a August 26, 1991
    Article Ellerbee, Roberts to Receive Awards; Broadcast Pioneers' to be Honored Carmody, John Washington Post Service Unk November 9, 1993
    Article Episcopalians Install First Female Bishop (re: Mary McLeod) Unk San Antonio Express-News Unk November 2, 1993
    Article Nobel Sprits, Guatemalans Find Hope in Peace Prize (re: Rigoberta Menchu) Whipp, Glenn Star-News, Star-Tribune Unk 23-Oct-92
    Article Educator Artemisia Bowden Teaches Us by Her Life as Well Stanush, Barbara Unk Unk unk
  9 Travel          
    Article Women Take Adventure to New Heights Chase, Lisa Unk Unk Jan. 3, 1993
    Article Jumping Off, There's a World of Adventure for a Woman Traveling Alone Brownback, Virginia Modern Maturity Unk Aug/Sept 1992
  9 Mountaineer          
    Article A Famous Woman Mountaineer (re: Claude Kogan) Unk Unk Unk unk
  9 Sports          
    Article Tennis Ace is Still Swinging at Age 76 (re: Dorothy Cheney) Rovner, Ruth San Antonio Light Unk January 10, 1993
    Article Griffity Joyner Named Top Female Athlete Rosenthal, Bert San Antonio Light Unk January 26, 1989
  9 Unusual Women's Occupation          
    Article I'd Rather Drive a Tow Truck (re:  Sabrina Nickerson) Unk Parade Magazine Unk January 10, 1993
    Article The Woman They Call The Dragon Lady (re:  Cathy Palmer) Buchalter, Gail Parade Magazine Unk January 10, 1993
    Article Ranch Women Majure, Janet The Denver Post Unk Aug.30, `92
    Article S.A. Animal Doctor May Hold Gift of Flight for Wounded Whooper (re: Dr. Melissa Hill) Driver, Dan Unk Unk Unk
    Article Graduate School Learner to Study Breast Cancer in Artic Region (re: Lori Colomeda) Unk Unk Unk Unk
    Article Acclaimed Ceramist Uses Whimsy, Wit to Transform Clay (re: Beatrice Wood) Unk San Antonio Light Unk December 14, 1992
    Article One of New Orleans Finest (re: Jacklean Davis) Unk Parade Magazine Unk April 18, 1993
    Article The Diva of Aesthetic Activism (re:  Jocelyn Levi Straus aka Joci Straus Ryan, Barbara Tempo, A Times Lifestyle Guide Unk September 30, 1993
    Article (copy) Judge Hannah Chow, the only Asian Judge in Texas Ho, Floran Asian Women Unk August 1993
    Article Second Wind, Former WASP takes wing again as flight instructor Uhrbrock, Mary Modern Maturity Unk February-March 1994
  10 Heritage          
    Article Girls See How the World Woks Morales-Zamarripa, Linda San Antonio Express-News Unk Unk
    Newsletter Ellas: Latina Lesbians, Their Herstory/Historia Hicks, Liz The Marquise Unk May 6, 1993
    Illustration Gender Gap at a Glance Unk Unk Unk Unk
    Article Episcopal Woman Becomes Bishop; Not All Cheer Goodrich, Lawrence The Christian Science Monitor Unk February 10, 1989
    Article India Lost Women Bajpai, Shailaja World Press Review Unk April 1991
    Article Women Wanted Lee, Cheong-ja World Press Review Unk April 1991
    Article Riot Grrrls Growl Feminist Message Unk Unk Unk Nov 28,1992
    Article Author Helen Nearing Carries on Good life in the Wilds of Maine Associated Press San Antonio Express-News Unk December 13, 1992
    Article Nancy Sortore, Local Woman finds Happiness by Supervising Construction Unk Unk Unk Unk
    Article Nigerian Women & Their Struggles:  On Clitoridectomies, Force Feeding, Mutilation Unk Woman's Journal-Advocate Unk Unk
    Article Women Still Outside Obeys club Congress, Schroeder makes progress, no in Herubin, Danielle The Denver Post Unk July 1, 1991
    Article A Head Start on Success (re: Janice Gilbert and Head Start Association) Levine, Frank Unk Unk April 1990
    Article Power Women Unk San Antonio Light Unk April 14, 1991
    Article Women and Violence for better of for worse. S. Texas Faces Battering Crisis Fletcher Stoeltje, Melissa & Lance, Mary San Antonio Light Unk October 11, 1992
    Article Women and Violence for better or for worse. Crisis teams helping battered women. Police view abuse with new attitude Fletcher Stoeltje, Melissa & Lance, Mary San Antonio Light Unk October 11, 1992
    Sunday Insert Today's Women   San Antonio Light Unk October 14, 1990
    Envelope with flyers Envelope containing flyers, brochures and form letter re:  P.E.A.C.E Unk Unk Unk October 1991
    Letter Letter from Planned Parenthood to Dr. Katherine Riddle Matthews, Shannon Planned Parenthood of San Antonio & S.C. Texas Unk September 1992
    Article Woman Tells of Courage to End Violence Lance, Mary San Antonio Light Unk October 11, 1992
    Newsletter Battered Women's Shelter Unk Battered Women's Shelter Vol 1 no 6 August 1992
    Article Reforms are Another Hurdle for Struggling Welfare Moms Cavazos, Daniel San Antonio Light Unk June 10, 1990
    Article Women Discuss Ongoing Struggle Pisano, Marina San Antonio Express-News Unk March 7, 1993
    Article Swimming in Misery (re swimsuit models) Unk San Antonio Express-News Unk Unk
    Article School of Their Own, Girls' Academies Proving Value of Same-Sex Education Kreck, Carol The Denver Post Unk February 23, 1993
    Article It's no Longer Men-Only on the Man Lifts (re: women in construction) Unk San Diego Union Tribune Unk January 10, 1993
  11 Women's Roles          
    Catalog The re-formed Congregation of the Goddess International Unk RCG Ð International Unk 1998-99
    Newsletter Celebrate Õ98 Ð Seneca Falls, N.Y. Unk Women's Rights Conv Unk July 1998
    Newsletter International Home Economics Services, Inc. Unk I.H.E.C. Unk 1998
    Article On Mothers and Daughters (re: Cokie Roberts) Crowley, Susan L. Parade Magazine Unk January 1999
    Article Women Who (re: Clinton, Feinstein, Cole, Kennedy, Whitman) Ciabattari, Jane Parade Magazine Unk February 7, 1999
    News Insert Celebrating Women's History Month Unk San Antonio Express-News Unk March 7, 1999
    Article Transforming The Roles of Women and Men Unk One Country Unk Oct-Dec 1998
    Article U.N. to Offer Women Way  to Address Rights Abuse Lewis, Paul San Antonio Express-News Unk March 21, 1999
    Article And We Have a Longer Way to Go, Baby Ivins, Marh Unk Unk Unk
    Article Who Benefits When Women Are Divided? Stafford, Melanie & Cowles, Regina Unk Unk February 22, 1998
    e-mail Did You Know (Maya Angelou  poem) Unk Unk Unk Unk
    Article Counting on Coupons Rosener, Diane Modern Maturity Unk May June 99
  11 Matriarchs          
    Folder Meet  the Matriarchs, The Independent Jewish Women's Magazine Unk Lilith Unk Unk
  11 Violence Against Women          
    Conf. Invitation Rights of Passage:  An International Conference on Women's Human Rights Education Unk The Sisterhood is Global Institute Unk September 26-27, 1997
    Article Faith Leads Woman to Rescue Young Women From Sex  Trade Unk Unk Unk January 20, 1996
    Article Heilbrunian Adventures Mulligan, Kate Unk Unk Unk
    Article Maya Angelou Unk San Antonio Express Unk Jan 20, 1996
    Pamphlet What About Women? Unk United  Nations Unk Sept. 1987
    Newsletter Violence Against Women Unk SAGE Publications Unk Unk
    Article Words and Change (Battered Women) Steinem, Gloria Ms. Unk Sept-Oct Ô95
    Article Jane Roe on Quest for Spiritual Values Smith, Lunn The Denver Post Unk Aug. 18, Ô95
    Article Women's Suffrage Turns 75 This Year Williams, Michelle The Denver Post Unk Aug. 13, Ô95
    Article Women's Vote Marks 75th Year Miller, Karen The Denver Post Unk Aug. 19, Ô95
    Article Being First Lady Helped Out Hillary (re:  Hillary Clinton) Russell, Jan Unk Unk November 19, 2000
    Card Dorothy Day Unk Claretian Fathers & Brothers Unk Unk
    Article Women's Museum Built in Big DE? Russell, Jan Unk Unk Unk
    Article Anne Bennett, Christian Feminist Voice, Dies at 82 Unk Los Angeles Times Unk October 25, 1986
    Pamphlet Three Remarkable Women (re: Blavatsky, Roerich, Bailey) Unk Altai Publishers Unk Unk
    Article Rodeo Legend West, 75, Dies (re:  Mary Nan West) Unk San Antonio Express-News Unk January 2, 2001
    Newsletter Woman & Space Unk Women's Community of San Antonio Vol 12 No 1 November 1999
    Article Lewis and Clark (re:  Sacajawea) Unk Arizona Highways Unk Nov. 1974
    Articles Latinas of the Century Lobaco, Julia Vista Unk Unk
    Article The World of Women (Rosemary Sarri and Ruth Sivard) Unk Parade Magazine Unk August 4, 1985
    Article The Power of the Purse Edwards, Tamala Time Unk May 17,  Ô99
    Catalog Women's Studies Unk ABC CLIO Unk Unk
    Article Sobs Fill the Ward of the Damned (Bangladesh) Schmetzer, Uli San Diego Union-Tribune Unk February 11, 1999
  12 Women's Liberation          
    Catalog State University of New York Press Unk SUNY Unk Unk
    Report Affiliates Quarterly Report, Center for Women Policy Studies Unk CWPS Unk Summer/Fall 2000
    Magazine Colorado Woman News Unk Hovis Publishing Vol 12 No 12 March 2000
    Flyer Her Story Presents Frankie Sledge Unk Unk Unk Unk
    Article Bias, Violence Against Women is Rooted in Cultures UN says Leeman, Sue San Diego Union-Tribune Unk September 30, 2000
    Article Damaged Heart Beats On (Kurdistan) Smothers Bruni, Mary Ann San Antonio Express-News Unk May 26, 1996
    Newsletter UNIFEM Unk U.S. Committee For UNIFEM Unk Winter 1996
    Newsletter Women's Political Times Unk National Women's Political Caucus Vol XXIV Winter 1996/1997
    Magazine Vista Unk San Antonio Express-News Unk January/Feb-February 1997
    Article Flight Nurses Saved 40,000 in Remote World War II Theater Crumpler, Hugh San Diego Union-Tribune Unk November 23, 1995
    Magazine Conmocin—n Unk Unk #1 1995
  13 Women's Development          
    Article At the Peak: Afterglow (Himalayan Expedition) Cox, Jack The Denver Post Unk January 25, 1999
    Program Woman to Woman: Creating Community Unk San Antonio Women's Coalition Unk 1995
    Report Women and the Development of the World Riddle, Katharine University of Nebraska Unk Unk
    Paper Hard Minds and Soft Hearts: A University Memoir Cloud, Kathleen Unk Unk Unk
    Newsletter AWID News Unk Association for Women in Development Vol 14 No 2 Summer 2000
    Catalogue Books on Women and Development Unk Women, Ink. Unk Unk
  13 Equal Justice          
    Catalogue Books on Women and Development Unk Women, Ink. Unk Unk
    Conf. Society for Nutritional Education 32nd Annual Meeting Unk Society for Nutrition Education Unk July 1999
    Registration Leading Solutions for Equality and Justice Unk Association for Women in Development Unk November 1999
    Registration Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle Unk AAFCS Unk June 1999
  14 The Storyletter Project          
    Collection of  newsletters Storyletter  Unk The Dote Foundation Letter 1 thru Letter 21 Spring 1993 thru October 2000
  15 ACWW          
    Article, Worlds Country Women Want to be Peacemakers Farm Journal. 1983          
    Letter, The Associated Country Women of the World. 1987          
    Booklet, Country Women Learning, Issue 28. 1978          
  15 Asian Women's Institute          
    Report, Activities of the Center for Women's Studies - Tokyo Women's Christian        University. 1982-1983        
    Article, ÒA movement in International Visions by Mira Phailbus. Concern. 1983          
    Pamphlet, Guidelines for Forming a Cluster Relationship with the Asian Women's Institute.  released by Assoc. of Christians for Women's Education in Asia.        
    Flyer, New AWI Members.          
    Subscription Card, Asian Women's Institute.          
    Pamphlet, Brochure, Reaching Out Across Continents: The Asian Women's Institute.          
    Publication, Asian Woman. Development Education And Peace Education.            
    Asian Women's Institute. Lucknow, India vol. 8 no. 27, September 1983          
    Publication, Asian Woman. Women's Role And The Chipko Movement.          
    Asian Women's Institute. Lucknow, India vol. 9 no. 28, March 1984          
    Publication, Asian Woman. The Asian Woman In The 21st Century.           
    Asian Women's Institute. Lucknow, India  vol. 10 no. 30, March 1985          
    Publication, Asian Woman. Women And Work: Asian Women In The Modern World.          
    Asian Women's Institute. Lucknow, India vol. 10 no. 31, June 1985          
    Publication, Asian Woman. Women And Health. Asian Women's Institute. Lucknow, India  vol. 10 no. 32, September 1985        
    Publication, Asian Woman. Women And The Human Family. Asian Women's Institute.  Lucknow, India vol. 10 no. 33, December 1985        
  16 Rural American Women          
    Report, How do Rural Women Let Off Steam? Home Economics News Service.           
    December 25, 1985           
    Press Release, International and American Grassroots Women Leaders to Unite in  Appalachia and Washington, D.C.  In Our Own Way. Washington, D.C. August 14, 1984        
    Article, Working-class women from 25 nations visit Appalachia: Grass-roots leaders get a chance to see different view of America by Tom Eblen. The Atlanta Constitution.    September 02, 1984      
    Letter, From: Jane R. Threatt, President, In Our Own Way. Recipient:  Katherine P. Riddle,  Ph.D., Univ. of Nebraska. Re: Reception and International Exchange. May 24, 1983        
    Press Release, Reception to Stimulate New Global Peoplepower. In Our Own Way.  Washington, D.C. April 27, 1983        
    Document, In Our Own Way International Exchange recommendations for presentation to  the U.N. World Conference on Women, 1985 in Nairobi. In Our Own Way. Washington,  D.C. September 5, 1984       
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  8 Women & Development #1-5          
  9 Romanian Princess           
    Commitment to the Community          
    Women Of Power          
  10 Women Speak Out          
  11 Aging Women          
    Career Job Oriented          
  12 Career Homemaker           
    Infancy & Early Childhood          
  13 General           
    Higher Education           
    Money Management           
  14 Sex & Relationships          
    Women's Rights          
    Women I Know          
    Home Ec. Stories          
  15 Women & Food          
    Women Power & Violence          
    Women in Development          
    Women & Labor          
    Nairobi Issues          
    Women, Food & Agriculture          
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