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Collection Overview

Title: The San Diego County Federation of Women’s Clubs Collection

Accession Number, AC-006

Prepared by: Julia Friedman

Head Archivist: Charla Wilson

Date Acquired: December 30, 2006

Date Processed: November 2, 2015

Location: Women’s Museum of California

Language: English

Extent: There are four boxes


Administrative Information

Access Restrictions: Open to research

Use Restrictions: None

Provenance: It is unclear who the donor is. Ruth Johnson donated Clairemont Women’s Club scrapbooks and papers on the same day the San Diego County Federation of Women’s Clubs were processed on December 30, 2006. However, the accession document does not specify the donor’s name.


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Historical Note

            The San Diego County Federation of Women’s Clubs, established in 1898, was a feminist organization in association with the Southern District Federation of Women’s Clubs, the California State Federation of Women’s Clubs, and the General Federation of Women’s Clubs.  Consisting of individual Women’s Clubs within San Diego County, the County Federation aimed to promote moral, educational, and civic issues.  As the County Federation continued to grow, however, their mission expanded to various topics, such as anti-war matters, child welfare, traffic safety, conservation of food and natural resources, and crime prevention.  The County Federation was also passionate about promoting gender equality and philanthropy work. The San Diego County Federation thrived well into the 1990s, where its various clubs continued to issue publications, sponsor events, and make San Diego a well-rounded community.            


Brief History of The San Diego County Federation of Women’s Clubs

         On June 2, 1898, five Women’s Clubs from the San Diego area organized together to create a union of clubs dedicated to “civic improvement.”  During this first meeting, The San Diego Club, the Pacific Beach Reading Club, the Social Science Club (later named The Thursday Club), the Current Events Clubs (later named the Woman’s Club of La Jolla), and the Shakespeare Club established The San Diego County Federation of Women’s Clubs.  Founded two years before the organization of the General Federation, the County Federation’s goals were directed towards promoting the activity of their various clubs as well as improving “education[al], moral, social, and civic measures” within San Diego.  Additionally, these women adopted a constitution, wrote by-laws, and elected Mrs. Estelle H. Langworthy as president during this first meeting.  During the early years of the organization’s history, the County Federation supported laws that protected women and children.  The Federation also worked on projects throughout the area, including securing locations for parks and playgrounds within the San Diego community.[1]     


            By 1924, the San Diego County Federation was the largest county federation in the country.  Comprised of 42 clubs, the Federation’s goals had expanded to welfare work, civic concerns, and national affairs.[2]  Specifically, the Federation was passionate about conservation of natural resources, child and Native American welfare, traffic safety, crime prevention, gender equality, American citizenship, and world peace.  In 1927, Ella Robbins was elected president and re-elected the following year.[3]  Robbins, who was an active clubwoman for many decades, is a prominent figure in this collection.  The County Federation also expanded itself through its philanthropy work, in which they donated money for charities, helped unemployed men and women find jobs, donated clothes, fed the homeless, and maintained child and state hospitals.  The County Federation was also well-known for their publications.  For example, The Modern Clubwoman, established in 1927, focused on the arts within San Diego.  In addition, the County Federation’s first magazine, The Progressive Clubwoman, reported on local Federation news.[4]


           Over time, the San Diego County Federation continued to flourish.  The Federation hosted various meetings, banquets, festivals, and conventions for decades.  They also sponsored plays, workshops, and pageants, donating the proceeds to a variety of charities.  As the Feminist Movement began in the 1960s, the Federation’s publications reported on more universal issues within society, primarily with gender inequality within the workplace and economy.  According to the sources within the collection, the many clubs within the County Federation were still united together in the 1990s.  Although the various Women’s Clubs that comprised the County Federation are still active, it is uncertain whether the County Federation is still united today.  It should be noted, however, that the San Diego District Federation of Women’s Clubs, a newer District Federation, is now associated with the State Federation.  It cannot be said at this time, however, whether this new District is connected with the San Diego County Federation.  For more information, please visit,         


Summary of the Collection

            The San Diego County Federation of Women’s Clubs Collection consists of four boxes divided into eleven series.  The collection contains various historical documentation from the California State Federation of Women’s Clubs, as well as from the Southern District and the San Diego County chapters.  These historical documents include newsletters, flyers, event programs, yearbooks, rosters, directories, receipts, photographs, clippings of newspaper articles, and meeting minute write-ups.  In addition, the collection also contains publications from both the State and the County Federations, including the magazines California Federation News, Modern Clubwomen, The Progressive Clubwomen, The Bulletin/The Western View, and The California Club Woman.  Finally, more personal sources are included within the collection, including a diary, thank you notes, a clubwoman’s personal correspondence, and family photographs.


Container List: Box and Folder Material

Box 1: 

Series 1 Subject Files Publications

            Series 1: Box 1: Folder 1: California Federation News, 1936-1937

            Series 1: Box 1: Folder 2: California Federation News, 1938

            Series 1: Box 1: Folder 3: California Federation News, 1939

            Series 1: Box 1: Folder 4: California Federation News, 1940-1942

            Series 1: Box 1: Folder 5: Modern Clubwomen, 1927-1929

            Series 1: Box 1: Folder 6: Modern Clubwomen, 1930-

            Series 1: Box 1: Folder 7: Modern Clubwomen, 1931

            Series 1: Box 1: Folder 8: The Western Views, 1902; Brochures, 1902-1918


Series 2 Subject Files Yearbooks and Photos

            Series 2: Box 1: Folder 9: Southern District’s Book of Memorabilia, 1929-1931

            Series 2: Box 1: Folder 10: Yearbooks, 1940s 1/2

            Series 2: Box 1: Folder 11: Yearbooks, 1940s 2/2

            Series 2: Box 1: Folder 12: Photos of Student Plays at Hoover

            Series 2: Box 1: Folder 13: Yearbooks 1950s 


Box 2:


Series 3 Subject Files Correspondence

            Series 3: Box 2: Folder 14: Correspondence, 1918-1941

            Series 3: Box 2: Folder 15:  Correspondence, 1920s

            Series 3: Box 3: Folder 16: Correspondence & Admin Papers, 1940s


Series 4 Subject Files Milford Ellison Papers & Various Papers

            Series 4: Box 2: Folder 17: Papers of Milford Ellison 1/3

            Series 4: Box 2: Folder 18: Milford Ellison Papers 2/3

            Series 4: Box 2: Folder 19: Milford Ellison Papers 3/3

            Series 4: Box 2: Folder 20: Misc. Papers of Ms. Ellison

            Series 4: Box 2: Folder 21: Brochures, Misc. (non-Women’s Club)

            Series 4: Box 2: Folder 22: Misc. Papers

            Series 4: Box 2: Folder 23: Misc.     

            Series 4: Box 2: Folder 24: Misc. Doc. 1/2

            Series 4: Box 2: Folder 25: Misc. Doc. 2/2

            Series 4: Box 2: Folder 26: Booklets & Pamphlets—1930-1933 (including “An Outline

            History of the Southern District”)


Series 5 Subject Files Newspaper Clippings

            Series 5: Box 2: Folder 27: News Clippings, 1917-1926

            Series 5: Box 2: Folder 28: News Clippings, 1927

            Series 5: Box 2: Folder 29: News Clippings, 1928

            Series 5: Box 2: Folder 30: News Clippings, 1929

            Series 5: Box 2: Folder 31: News Clippings, c. 1930s

            Series 5: Box 2: Folder 32: News Clippings, 1930-1933

            Series 5: Box 2: Folder 33: News Clippings, 1934-1936

            Series 5: Box 2: Folder 34: News Clippings, 1938

            Series 5: Box 2: Folder 35: News Clippings, 1938, 1980

            Series 5: Box 2: Folder 36: News Clippings N.D., 1/3

            Series 5: Box 2: Folder 37: News Clippings, N.D., 2/3

            Series 5: Box 2: Folder 38: News Clippings, N.D., 3/3


Box 3:


Series 6 Subject Files Conventions

            Series 6: Box 3: Folder 39: Convention Material, 1915, 1926, 1927, 1929, 1935, 1938

            Series 6: Box 3: Folder 40: San Diego County Federation of Women’s Clubs Conventions,


            Series 6: Box 3: Folder 41: Convention Material, 1920s

            Series 6: Box 3: Folder 42: Convention Material, 1920s, 1930s

            Series 6: Box 3: Folder 43: Convention Material, 1930s

            Series 6: Box 3: Folder 44: Convention Material, 1930s

            Series 6: Box 3: Folder 45: Convention & Report Books

            Series 6: Box 3: Folder 46: State Convention Material, 1933

            Series 6: Box 3: Folder 47: State Convention Material, 1934, 1936

            Series 6: Box 3: Folder 48: Convention Material, 1937-1938


Series 7 Subject Files Programs/Events

            Series 7: Box 3: Folder 49: Programs, 1930s

            Series 7: Box 3: Folder 50: First Fine Arts Festival, 1938-1939

            Series 7: Box 3: Folder 51: Misc. Material, Correspondence, 1938

            Series 7: Box 3: Folder 52: Correspondence, “Samba Rules,” 1968/”My County Flag” song


Series 8 Subject Files Reports

            Series 8: Box 3: Folder 53: Reports 1/3

            Series 8: Box 3: Folder 54: Reports 2/3

            Series 8: Box 3: Folder 55: Reports 3/3

            Series 8: Box 3: Folder 56: Reports of Misc., N.D.


Series 9 Subject Files Receipts

            Series 9: Box 3: Folder 57: Receipts, News Clippings, 1930s


Box 4:


Series 10 Subject Files Directories and Rosters

            Series 10: Box 4: Folder 58: Roster, Various Clubs, 1914-1919

            Series 10: Box 4: Folder 59: Directories & Rosters, 1927-1931

            Series 10: Box 4: Folder 60: Directories & Rosters, 1931-1933

            Series 10: Box 4: Folder 61: Directories & Rosters, 1933-1934

            Series 10: Box 4: Folder 62: Directories & Rosters, 1935-1937

            Series 10: Box 4: Folder 63: Directories & Rosters, 1937-1939


Series 11 Subject Files Minutes

            Series 11: Box 4: Folder 64: Ledger, 1868-1875 (u/k origins), Diary of Marcus Robbins,


            Series 11: Box 4: Folder 65: Minutes of Conventions & Ex. Board Mtg., 1898-1903

            Series 11: Box 4: Folder 66: Board Minutes, 1924/ “Ella Robbins for Mayor,” 1929

            Series 11: Box 4: Folder 67: Minutes of the Executive Board, 1913, 1919, 1922, two


            Series 11: Box 4: Folder 68: Minute Notes ,1930

            Series 11: Box 4: Folder 69: Treasurer’s Book of Co. Fed. Women’s Clubs, 1918-1925

            Series 11: Box 4: Folder 70: El Cajon Woman’s Club

            Series 11: Box 4: Folder 71: Misc. 


Scope and Contents of the Materials

            Series 1: Box 1


            California Federation News (1936-1942) is one of the magazines included in Series 1.  As a magazine targeted to the entire State Federation, their publications contained an assortment of topics, including the recurring columns “Fine Arts,” “American Home,” “The Federation Gardener,” “Clubwomen’s Kitchen,” “Public Welfare,” “Applied Education,” “Conservation of Natural Resources,” “Tips for the Consumer,” and “The News Reel.”  In addition, each magazine covered other household and domestic topics, such as book recommendations, holiday recipes, craft tips, etiquette, and home decorating.  California Federation News also published articles concerning Federation and political matters, such as upcoming activities throughout California, summary stories about their conventions, child and Indian welfare, legislative news, cancer education, election news, highways safety, the importance of voting, mental health, and the necessity of aiding the war effort during World War II.  Also found within the magazine are personal poems, anecdotes, and travel stories submitted by clubwomen. 


            The San Diego-based magazine, Modern Clubwomen (1927-1931), reported on topics similar to that seen in California Federation News, but with more of a focus on the arts.  General articles included, “Club News,” “Editorials,” Books,” “Quick Recipes,” and “Junior Department.”  Other common topics found within Modern Clubwomen include convention news and summaries, the importance of adult education, encouraging children to read, legislation within their Federation, World Peace, healthy diets for children, and commentaries concerning the dangers of entering World War II.  In terms of the arts, however, the magazine’s coverage was just as vast, focusing on topics including musical societies throughout San Diego, historical and cultural art movements, food as an art, the fashion industry, art and music education, history of basket weaving, women in literature, architecture, miniatures, crafts, sculpture, and the modern movement in art.  The magazine also featured spreads on artists and writers throughout San Diego County, including novelist Alice Ames Winter, artist and musician Alberta Turner Hayward, and painters Charles A. Fries, Isabel Scheider, and Kate Watkins.


            Series 1 also includes the magazine, The Progressive Clubwoman (1932).  Although its first issue is the only one included in the collection, the magazine’s focus seemed to be on the San Diego County Federation.  This issue included articles about their Junior Club and its purpose of training young girls into becoming future leaders in the Federation, summaries of the club’s board meetings, a list of upcoming San Diego events, recipes, films approved by the Federation, and the importance of traffic safety.


           The Western View (1902-1918) was another San Diego-based magazine that also focused on local news and events.  Originally called The Bulletin, The Western View discussed important women in the city, book lists from the library department, gardening tips, recipes, church and club events, and convention news and summaries.  In addition, the magazine published personal poems and travel reports submitted by clubwomen.


            Only one issue of The California Club Woman (1900) is included in Series 1, but this one issue contains articles pertaining more to politics and the environment.  This issue includes stories about the importance of national parks, legal properties granted to married couples and how property is divided in the case of a divorce or death, and recent political and legislative news.   In addition to the political articles, The California Club Woman also provided readers with poems, short-stories, and advice columns for children.


            Series 1 also includes various programs for meetings and conventions attended by the County Federation (1902-1919).  These programs range from San Diego club house meetings to the annual State Federation conventions.  Programs include a schedule for each event, presidential addresses, club business and news, a list of the events’ musical performers and speakers, and topics of discussion.


            Series 2: Box 1


            Series 2 contains a book of memorabilia from the Southern District Federation (1929-1931).  Compiled by San Diego County President Ella Robbins, this book contains a variety of sources concerning the County Federation.  Among the sources includes photographs of the many officers on the County board, newspaper articles about club news, applications for membership, reminders for meetings and other events, a copy of lyrics and sheet music to the Southern District’s song, and copies of president speeches and letters.  Additionally, many booklets can be found in Series 2, including convention programs, State Federation by-laws, Junior Club information, Junior Club events, and directories from the Southern District Federation.


            Series 2 also holds yearbooks from various Federation clubs (1940-1952).  Although these yearbooks span a plethora of clubs from over a decade, the layout for each booklet contains the same information.  The yearbooks tend to include lists of past presidents, current officers, committees and their chairmen, by-laws, and articles featured in each of the Federation’s publications.  In addition, yearbooks also contain calendars of club activities, rosters of all members, and lyrics to Federation songs.


            Memorabilia from Herbert Hoover High School’s drama department can also be found in Series 2 (1939-1940).  One can find programs from the plays “Charley’s Aunt,” “Spring Dance,” ‘The Thirteenth Chair,” and “Quality Street.”  Additionally, ticket stubs, cast photographs, dress rehearsal/performance photographs, and newspaper advertisements and reviews can be found for these four student-performed plays.


            Series 2 also includes two notebooks documenting club activities.  The first notebook is from the Literature Committee and contains a booklist, notes from their meetings, written discussions about a few popular authors (including Edgar Allen Poe), and a list of “literary mottos” from other famous figures.  Although the second notebook, titled “Story Telling,” is not connected to a name of a specific Federation committee, it nonetheless includes notes on the classification of literary genres and on tips for writing a story. 


            Series 2 also holds a booklet of small poems titled, Superstition and Other Word Sketches (1925).  This booklet contains a total of twenty-four poems, all of which were written by Marcus W. Robbins, the husband of Ella Robbins. 


            One can also find a procedure booklet from the State Federation in Series 2 (1959-1960).  This manual includes many important pieces of information for officers, including instructions for running meetings, a list of club ethics, a list of the ranking of officers, the various types of reports the club will issue, and the functions of the club’s many positions and departments.


            Programs from County Federation conventions and events are also held in Series 2 (1928-1947).  These programs contain a schedule of events for the day, which includes the order of business, a list of activities for the event, expected speakers, lyrics to Federation songs, and scheduled musical performances.


            Series 3: Box 2


            Series 3 contains various pieces of correspondence throughout the San Diego County Federation (1918-1948).   Found within this Series are mailed reminders for meetings, bank statements from Ella Robbins, club checks, receipts (including a receipt for a classified ad in the Union-Tribune), convention programs, a thank you note from the County Federation to a choir quartette, a copy of a convention speech about law enforcement, treasurer’s reports, a list of by-laws for the La Cadena Club, and a list of decided resolutions.


            Series 3 also includes update reports from various clubs within the San Diego Federation (1927-1928).  Reports can be found from clubs such as the Department of the American Home, The National Council of Jewish Women, Citizen Department, The Forward Club of Lemon Grove, Public Welfare Committee, The Monte Viejas Club of Alpine, The Motion Picture Committee, and the Public Health Committee.  These reports often discuss each club’s latest contributions to their community, the pieces of legislation they have endorsed, their recent achievements, and their ongoing goals.  Other committees discussed more serious topics in their reports, including the concern over the increase in juvenile crime rates, the need for prisons to be separated by gender, and information about a new establishment for aiding undernourished children.


            Series 3 also includes professional and personal correspondence of the Robbins family (1937-1948).  One can find business cards for Marcus W. Robbins while running as a candidate for City Justice for the 1930 election.  In addition, Series 3 includes letters written between Ella Robbins and various members/individuals concerning matters such as club meetings and interviews.  Other letters of correspondence can also be found between Ella Robbins and La Jolla Real Estate Cottages regarding the Robbins family selling Bird Rock House.


            Series 4: Box 2


            Series 4 holds the personal mail of the La Jolla couple, Alta and Milford Ellison (1929-1969).  One can find a variety of items, including luncheon invitations, thank you notes and letters from friends and family, holiday cards from loved ones, holiday cards exchanged between the Alta and Milford, church calendars, a wedding invitation, hand-written lists on loose paper, and Notebook of a Cynic by Marcus W. Robbins.  The series also holds many newsletters and pamphlets from organizations such as the Red Cross, La Jolla Methodist Church, Delta Chi Phi, The County Friends, The Automobile Industry, The American Association of Retired Persons, San Diego Community Concert Association, California State College L.A., and the La Jolla High School Key Club.


            Series 4 also contains mail addressed to solely Alta Ellison.  As a clubwomen, various newsletters, yearbooks, programs, and pamphlets from the many Federation clubs are included in her mail, including the Southern District Federation of Women’s Clubs, San Diego Women’s Clubs, The San Bernardino County Federation of Women’s Clubs, The Woman’s Club of Pacific Beach, The Mortar Club, and La Cadena Club.  In addition, the Series holds Alta’s mail from San Diego State College, including calendars, newsletters concerning campus, faculty, and alumni news, and flyers advertising alumni events and new university courses.  Miscellaneous mail and items belonging to Alta can also be found in the series, including newsletters from Alpha Xi Delta, a clipping of a newspaper article regarding a recent County Federation speech, recipes, a copy of the American Association of University Women’s, The Sphere, receipts, clothing advertisements, and a contract for the San Diego Women’s Club magazine.


            Mail addressed solely to Milford Ellison can also be found in Series 4.  As a watercolor artist and art teacher, these sources consisted of art and education-related mail, including a newsletter from the UCSD Committee for Arts and Lectures, a membership receipt from the San Diego Art Institute, the “Staff Bulletin Board” newsletter from the San Diego School District, a newsletter from the San Diego Federation of Teachers, an invitation to an exhibition at the La Jolla Art Association, and a newsletter from “Modern Art in Everyday Life.”  Additionally, Series 4 holds miscellaneous items belonging to Milford, including his business cards, a thank you note to Milford from the chairman of the La Cadena section, many letters from friends, and a clipped newspaper article about Milford’s art career.


            In addition, a portion of the mail included in this series belonged the Ellison’s family member, Ella Robbins.  Her mail and personal items contain birthday cards from her mother, auto repair orders, a contract confirming the selling of her car, and a copy of the magazine, Progress: For Christ and His Church.  In addition, Ella is included in the many family photographs that are found within the series, as well as in the letters sent to the Ellisons.       


           Series 5: Box 2


            Series 5 contains various clipped newspaper articles concerning current information about the California State Federation of Women’s Clubs and the San Diego County Federation of Women’s Clubs (1917-1980).  One can find printed articles that summarize the San Diego County Federation meetings and conventions, and articles that discuss their club and event updates.  In addition, printed photographs are included in Series 5, which document State and County presidents and officers, numerous clubwomen, and sponsored events. 


            Series 5 also holds newspaper articles that report on Federation election news.  Topics within this Series range from the election of new Federation officers (including a mention of Ella Robbins’ presidential win in 1927 and reelection in 1928), to club decisions on welfare issues, such as marriage and divorce laws, the creation of scholarships for young girls, the separation of quarters for women in the city jail, and new legislation for making sex crimes a felony.  In addition, an election disagreement within the Federation that almost resulted in the secession of the Los Angeles District was heavily reported by the press in 1928. 


         Additionally, clipped articles concerning County Federation political news can be found in Series 5.  These stories include the club’s various campaigns, including the advocation of traffic safety, cancer awareness, conservation of natural resources, harsher legislation for murderers and sex offenders, child welfare, the ban on child labor, the creation of a detention home for wayward women and girls, anti-war matters, patriotism, equal pay within the workplace, and circulating money within the economy during the years of The Great Depression. 


            Finally, Series 5 includes articles that discuss sponsored Federation events and updates.  Topics discussed within these articles include Federation presidential tours of California, County Federation appearances on radio shows, the preservation of Balboa Park by the Civic Center, and the donation of Christmas boxes to children at Native American school and to patients at the Naval Hospital.  In addition, Series 5 also includes articles that announced the publications of their newest magazines, The Modern Clubwoman, and The Progressive Clubwoman.       


            Series 6: Box 3


            Series 6 contains material and memorabilia from the State, Southern District, and San Diego County conventions and other events (1915-1938).  Included in this series are various programs from conventions, meetings, banquets, and festivals held throughout California.  In addition, other pieces of memorabilia are held within Series 6, such as sheet music and lyrics to Federation songs, programs to musical events, yearbooks, directories, booklets and reports of by-laws, newspaper articles, Federation correspondence, event reminders, receipts and accounting materials, and convention reports.  It should be noted that many of the event reminders are addressed to Ella Robbins. 


           Series 6 also contains publications from many clubs and organizations within the Federation (1920-1938).  These publications include, Reports, California History and Landmarks, The World Friendship Tour, Standing Rules Governing Convention, Report of Revision Committee, Every Woman and World Peace: What She Can Do, and an issue of the magazine, California Federation News.  Some of these publications discuss club news (e.g.  Reports), while other publications report on club events (e.g. The World Friendship Tour). 


           A scrapbook of San Diego County Federation convention memorabilia can also be found within Series 6 (1915-1926).  This scrapbook includes a variety of collected items, such as a list of Federation Presidents, a list of the County Federation’s various by-laws, handwritten summaries of convention events, newspaper clippings advertising and summarizing the conventions, event programs, handwritten summaries of new laws voted in at conventions, and expense reports.


            Series 7: Box 3


            Series 7 includes miscellaneous sources from the Southern District Federation of Women’s Clubs (1930-1969).  Programs from various Federation events in San Diego County, Orange County, and San Bernardino can be found in this Series.  In addition, Series 7 also contains newspaper articles, sheet music to Federation songs, photographs, meeting and convention reminders, event flyers, and letters sent to Ella Robbins and Alta Ellison.  It should be noted that many of the meeting reminders were addressed to Ella Robbins.  Other notable sources include the “Report of Historian of the Ocean Beach Women’s Club” and Superstition and Other Word Sketches, by Marcus W. Robbins. 


            Series 7 also holds materials from the San Diego County Federation’s first two Fine Arts Festival events (1938-1939).  Sources include newspaper articles advertising the Festivals and programs from the events.  Activities from the Fine Arts Festivals include musical and choir performances, theatre performances, craft exhibits, parades, and panel discussions on art and drama.    


           Series 8: Box 3


            Series 8 includes a variety of reports from the San Diego County Federation (1934-1936).  These reports include updates about club activities, including information concerning membership numbers, conventions that were recently attended, calls to action, meetings and events held by clubs within the County, and future goals.  Reports found within the Series are from various Women’s Clubs in the County, including Carlsbad, Chula Vista, La Jolla, La Mesa, Point Loma, Pacific Beach, Ramona, Escondido, Vista, Mission Beach, East San Diego, and San Diego.


            Series 8 also holds administrative reports from the San Diego County Federation, including the County President’s annual reports, officers’ reports, convention summaries, treasurer’s reports, and budget reports. 


            Series 8 also contains reports from other clubs associated with the San Diego County Federation.  These clubs’ reports contain updates about activities and charity work within the area, such as sponsored performances, fashion shows, advocation for saving San Diego State College, contributions to the Flood Sufferers Fund, contributions to the Crippled Children Fund, conserving natural resources, furnishing a library room for the community, contributions to the Red Cross, and donated clothes and food to the needy.  These type of reports were submitted from a variety of clubs and organizations, including Indian Welfare, the Crafts and Industrial Arts Department, the Drama Department, The Euclid Center’s Progress and Prosperity Club, the Motion Picture Department, the Ladies 1915 Club, the Society for Crippled Children of San Diego, the National Council of Jewish Women Department, the Garden Department, the Mother’s Club of San Diego, the University Heights Mothers Clubs, the Braille Club, the Alpine Women’s Club, the International Interest Club, and the Child Welfare Department.


            Miscellaneous sources pertaining to the County Federation can also be found in Series 8.  Among these materials include pamphlets from Rest Haven (a place for undernourished children), pamphlets from the San Diego Women’s Civic Center, notecards tracking savings balances, voting ballots, event programs, a list of resolutions to the Federation’s by-laws, lyrics to various Federation songs, photographs, a newspaper article, and a bulletin from the Southern District Federation. 


            Series 9: Box 3


            Series 9 contains receipts for products bought by the San Diego County Federation (1930-1969).  These products, such as paper, coffee, groceries, wine, laundry, and jewelry were bought in preparation for club events, such as “Indian Day.”  A booklet containing other receipts from the County Federation is also included in this series. 


           Series 9 also holds miscellaneous County Federation materials (1929-1939).  These sources include mailed reminders for conventions, convention programs, a copy of a letter read at a meeting about the upcoming Fine Arts Festival, newspaper articles advertising County Federation events, and a photograph of Hotel Del Coronado.


           Series 10: Box 4


            Series 10 contains rosters from various San Diego County Federation Clubs (1914-1919).  Information in these rosters contain a list of current and past presidents, as well as each club’s current membership count.  Series 10 holds rosters for a variety of County Federation clubs, including the Bostonia Woman’s Club, the College Woman’s Club, the Coronado Chapter, the Chula Vista Woman’s Club, the Escondido Woman’s Clubs, the Business and Professional Woman’s Clubs, the Pacific Beach Reading Club, the Lemon Grove Forward Club, the Point Loma Assembly, the Poway Woman’s Club, the San Diego County Nurses Association, and the San Diego Club.


            Directories from the Southern District Federation of Women’s Clubs and the State Federation of Women’s Clubs can also be found in Series 10 (1927-1939).  Although this Series contains many years’ worth of directories, the information presented within each booklet remains the same.  These directories include lyrics to Federation songs, information about the Federations and their many officers and board members, a list of past presidents, a calendar of convention dates and board meetings, a list of chairmen and their committees, a copy of their by-laws, and a list of events that the Federations hosted and attended.  It should be noted that the Southern District Federation directories also include general information for each County Federation: Imperial County, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego.  


              Series 10 also includes yearbooks from the State Federation of Women’s Clubs, the Southern District Federation of Women’s Clubs, and the San Diego County Federation of Women’s Clubs (1931-1939).  These yearbooks contain information about each Federation, including a list of past conventions and other events, the Federation’s history, membership information, club ethics, a list of officers, a copy of the Federation’s constitutions, and a list of their by-laws.  It should also be noted that the State Federation yearbooks also contain general information for all District Federations as well as for the Junior Federation.  In addition, the San Diego County yearbooks contain more specific information for their club, including a list of their own officers and by-laws, club rosters,  Junior Federation information, and department and club calendars.  Their yearbooks also contain a list of their committees, of which includes finance, membership, press, reception, hospitality, art exhibition, club historian, motion pictures, and social welfare.


           Miscellaneous San Diego County Federation memorabilia can also be found in Series 10 (1914-1919).  These sources include a list of past officers from the County Federation, a copy of the organization’s constitution, a program from their 1937 annual banquet, and a newspaper article summarizing the events from one their many meetings.  In addition, one can find letters of application requesting membership into the County Federation in this Series.  The Daughters of Liberty, the 1915 Women’s Club, the Bostonia Woman’s Club, the San Pasqual Woman’s Club, the Mission Cliff Bible Club, and the Parent-Teacher Association were among the many clubs that requested application of membership.


           Series 11: Box 4


               Series 11 includes a diary kept by a young Marcus W. Robbins (1888-1900).  The first few years of Robbins’ diary entries include his observations about the weather conditions in his area.  As he continued to mature, however, his diary entries expanded more onto his day-to-day routine, including school activities, hunting with his father, and working on his family’s farm.  His diary also includes the poem, “My Maryland,” and financial records. 


               Series 11 also contains various notebooks filled with San Diego County Federation meeting minutes (1898-1935).  Minute write-ups included information such as orders of business, resolved propositions, balance summary reports, reports from the chairmen, treasurer’s reports,  the induction of new officers, reports from the press, newly appointed committees, schedules for future meetings and events, notions and amendments that were adopted, and summaries of the minutes that were recorded from the last meeting.  In addition, these notebooks also hold other important sources, including booklets of the County Federation’s constitution, a pamphlet of their by-laws, a list of clubs in the county, club correspondence, and clippings of newspaper articles that reported on County Federation news.    


              Pocket calendars and journals belonging to Ella Robbins can also be found in Series 11 (1918-1934).  Robbins’ recorded both personal and County Federation events in her pocket calendars, including dates of club board meetings and events, plans scheduled with Alta Ellison, airing of radio programs, choir events, tea parties, weddings, civic center meetings, church events, and doctor appointments.  Robbins’ journal was used as a treasurer’s book, where she recorded County Federation receipts, expenditures, disbursements, and annual reports.  


           Series 11 also contains sources from the El Cajon’s Woman’s Club (1964-2004).  One can find invitations and programs from club’s events, a booklet from their fiftieth anniversary celebration (1964), flyers from their popular Annual Consumer Day events, clippings of newspaper articles about club events, club correspondence, and a copy of the “California Clubwoman” newsletter.  In addition, Series 11 also holds a copy of the “ECWC Newsletter” from 1991, which includes the president’s message, a copy of the club commandments, a calendar for that month’s activities, updates of activities from the Junior Club, and reminders for club dues.  In addition, the issue contains a variety of articles concerning aiding the mental health community, the importance of voting, and eliminating gender inequality.


            Miscellaneous memorabilia from the Federation can also be found in Series 11 (1920s-1929).  Among the many sources includes promotional cards advertising Ella Robbins for mayor (1929), a treasurer’s report, copies of written San Diego County Federation and Mother’s Club histories, a booklet of baby shower games, a clipping of a newspaper article reporting on the new County Federation officers, and a yearbook from the Placentia Round Table.  Additionally, one can find copies of two resolutions decided by the County Federation; one of which concerned enacting child labor laws, while the other approved the establishment of Scripps Memorial Hospital.     

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