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Guide to the California Women for Agriculture Scrapbooks, 1975-2005

Title: California Women for Agriculture Scrapbooks, 1975-2005
Accession Number: AC-012
Creators: CWA State Historians: Betty Wayne, Maria Giampaoli, Cecelia Jay, Dolares Ottenwalter, and Doris H. Halemeier
Head Archivist: Bonnie Domingos
Prepared By: Charla Wilson; Agata Skinner, Scrapbooks 8-10
Date Acquired: November 4, 2011
Date Processed: May 19, 2014 Location: Women’s Museum of California, San Diego
Language: Collection material is in English
Extent: Ten scrapbooks and artifacts

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions: Open to research

Use Restrictions: None

Historical Note

California Women for Agriculture is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, volunteer, and exclusive women’s organization that formed in 1975 for the purpose of advocating for California farmers and the agricultural industry, and to educate consumers about the agricultural industry.

Brief History of the California Women for Agriculture

The California Women for Agriculture (CWA) developed after the enactment of the 1975 Agricultural Labor Relations Act and likely formed in response to the 1976 Proposition 14 ballot initiative. Prior to the existence of the California Women for Agriculture, farmers expressed that there was an alarming increase of anti-agribusiness state and federal laws, dictating to farmers how to operate their farms and produce food, particularly as the state enacted zoning laws and farm labor initiatives. Furthermore, the CWA officially began in November 17, 1975, during the first official meeting and by its founders Beverly Sfingi, Cherry Ishimatsu, Patricia “Corky” Larson, and Jeri Taylor. CWA members have actively focused on speaking on behalf of the agriculture industry, as well as educating consumers, legislators, and the general public about agriculture.

Summary of the Collection

The California Women for Agriculture scrapbook collection spans the years of 1975 to 2005. The scrapbooks are arranged chronologically across ten scrapbooks and highlight key events. The first ten series of the finding aid document the statewide CWA scrapbooks. Moreover, series 11 documents an individual CWA chapter, the Inland Empire Chapter. The scrapbooks contain photographs, newsletters, posters, certificates and honors, newspaper clippings, just to name a few.

Scope and Contents of Material

Series 1: Scrapbook 1, 1976 to February 1987

Series 2: Scrapbook 2, March 1987 to 1989

Series 3: Scrapbook 3, 1990 to 1991

Series 4: Scrapbook 4, 1992 to 1993

Series 5: Scrapbook 5, 1994 to 1995

Series 6: Scrapbook 6, 1996 to January 1998

Series 7: Scrapbook 7, 1998 to 1999

Series 8: Scrapbook 8, 2000 to 2001

Series 9: Scrapbook 9, 2002 to 2003

Series 10: Scrapbook 10, 2004 to 2005

Series 11: Inland Empire Chapter Scrapbooks

Series 12: Artifact Collection

Series 1: Scrapbook 1, 1976 to February 1987

Created by CWA State Historian Betty Wayne

    Scrapbook 1 curates the origins, the first eleven years of the California Women for Agriculture. Scrapbook 1 includes a collection of photographs, correspondence letters, flyers, brochures, official organizational documents, bumper stickers, and newspaper clippings that focus on the organization’s origins, activism efforts, community involvement, and consumer education.

    As it pertains to the origins of the California Women for Agriculture’s (CWA) organizational structure, Scrapbook 1 includes the organization’s bylaws from January 1981. Please note that the first constitution and bylaws were drafted in January of 1976 in Palm Springs at the organization’s first statewide meeting, in which fifty-five women were in attendance. This scrapbook also includes the organization’s goals and objectives, membership reports, periodic, updated narratives of the organization’s history and brochures featuring a brief introduction and description of the organization. The scrapbook also includes information about the organization’s founding members, Beverly Sfingi, Cherry Ishimatsu, Corky Larson, and Jeri Taylor. For example, it contains a black and white portrait of the founding members and newspaper exposes about the founding members. Also included are photographs and documentation of the names of other elected officials in the organization between the 1976 and 1987 period. Additionally, the scrapbook encloses documentation of the various tasks forces within the organization, including the educational, religious, and legislative committees, and the names of individuals in leadership positions on each task force.

    A large bulk of the scrapbook is devoted to the organization’s activism efforts. Since a primary goal of the CWA is to present the “liberal press” with an objective portrayal of farmers, the scrapbook includes numerous newspaper clippings from local newspaper sources including, The Desert Sun, LA Japanese Daily News, California Farmers, Farm Bureau News, The Fresno Bee, The Modesto Bee, and Imperial Valley Press, just to name a few. Also, on the topic of the media, the scrapbook includes the organization’s position on California propositions with policy papers on several topics, such as water use, land use, use of pesticides, and arguments against Proposition 14, bumper stickers against Proposition 14, slogans for initiatives including “Fill the Dam,” and “Food Fiber Farmer Friend,” and photographs of marches and protests against Propositions 13, 14, and 65.

    The scrapbook also documents CWA protests and marches. In addition to CWA protests and marches against Propositions 13, 14, and 65, this scrapbook also encompasses newspaper clippings, photographs and flyers of protests and marches, particularly in response to the United Farm Workers Union (UFW) and Cesar Chavez. More specifically, the scrapbook includes correspondence between the CWA, Bruce Church Inc., and McDonalds regarding McDonald’s boycott of Bruce Church Inc. lettuce, as well as newspaper clippings, flyers about the CWA strike against McDonalds, and original photographs of CWA members protesting McDonalds. Furthermore, there are also photographs of the egg city crisis protest and CWA members lobbying against the Immigration Reform Bill.

    The scrapbook also documents CWA member’s support of local communities and consumer education. The scrapbook demonstrates one of the ways the organization is involved in local and statewide communities with the example of National Agriculture Day and National Agriculture Week. The scrapbook includes a copy of the 1981 Joint Resolution that recognizes National Agriculture Day. The scrapbook also includes photographs and flyers of National Agriculture Day and Week, a flyer of Farm City Week, photographs of Farmers Fair and correspondence with the United States Department of the Interior and Fort Mason Center, and photographs of Ag Booster Barbeque. Since education is also an integral part of the CWA’s community objectives, the scrapbook includes documentation of a partnership with the California State Department of Education and photographs of CWA member’s visits to local elementary schools to perform puppet shows, skits, and photographs of scholarship and essay winners. On the topic of consumer education, the scrapbook includes three brochures about today’s farmer, agriculture and the economy, and the agricultural industry, comics to educate consumers about rising food prices, wine tasting flyers, and an informational guide to the infestation of the Mediterranean Fruit Fly, also referred to as medfly.

Finally, Scrapbook 1 includes documentation of CWA organizational development. The scrapbook includes programs from district seminars, education seminars, board meetings and annual conventions. One of the convention programs comes from American Agri-Women, an organization founded in 1974, which serves as the nation’s largest coalition of farm, ranch, and agribusiness women’s organizations. Additionally, there are photographs of the CWA’s annual conventions and a script of a skit from the first CWA convention in 1977. Furthermore, the scrapbook includes photographs of politicians present at these meetings and conventions including, Senator Sam Hayakawa, Barry Goldwater Jr., President Ronald Reagan, Ted Bruinsma, and Pete Wilson. The scrapbook also has copies of CWA’s newsletter, Compass, from each month, beginning in June of 1976, and ending with February 1987. Additionally, copies of CWA president Leona Lewis’ President newsletters are included as well. Lastly, the scrapbook includes photographs of CWA member’s trip to Oita Prefecture, Japan for a farm study tour. Also, there are announcements about this tour to Governor George Deukmejian, the United States Department of Food and Agriculture, and Agriculture Advisory Department in Japan.

Related Collection

Series 2: Scrapbook 2, March 1987 to 1989

Created by CWA State Historians Maria Giampaoli (1987) and Cecelia Jay (1988-1989)

    Scrapbook 2 reports on the history of the CWA between the years of 1987 and 1989. The documents in Scrapbook 2 are arranged according to individual events and issues and chronologically ascending backwards, beginning with events from 1989. Some of the topics featured in Scrapbook 2 include: annual conventions, receptions, and banquets, Supermarket Saturday, the Grape Boycott, and state fairs.


    The 1989 section of Scrapbook 2 documents CWA’s annual Conventions, Conferences and Receptions. The CWA’s 13th Annual Convention in San Jose, California’s and theme was, “Agriculture Changes and Challenges.” Included are a registration form, convention poster, and convention program. Also, there are seventy-two photographs featuring highlights from the convention including: the convention tour at Christopher Ranch of processing garlic in Gilroy, the banquet and presentation of awards (including the AAW Leaven Award), the Executive Board, Committee groups, an informal meeting of President Betsy Campbell with chapter presidents, workshops, the fashion show, and the installation of a painting of the USS Westside Stanislaus, painted by CWA President Betsy Campbell. Additionally, Scrapbook 2 documents the annual Leadership Forum in Washington D.C., between June 8-10, 1989 with a program, a spring 1989 newsletter, titled “Achievements,” and twenty-seven photographs. Also, included are fourteen photographs of the March 1989 Legislation Reception, six photographs of the State Board Meeting in Chico, California, in the November 1989, the California Marketing Conference in Oakland, California, five photographs of the Northern Sacramento Valley Chapter’s Donor Dinner, fourteen photographs of a year in review, and four photographs of a good-bye to CWA President Betsy Campbell, which also contains a message from CWA President Campbell.

    The 1989 section from Scrapbook 2 also documents various CWA chapter activities. Included are photographs of a Blessing the Soil and Seed Ceremony at St. Michaels Church, officiated by Father Donahoe and Pastor Kathy LaPoint, as well as the CWA’s 12th Annual Ag Booster Barbeque, held on September 10, 1989, the Asparagus Festival, hosted in Stockton, California, on April 23, 1989, Central Valley Chapter’s Supermarket Saturday, along with a consumer report, newspaper articles, a list of participating chapters, and 7 photographs, and ten photographs of the State Fair in Sacramento, also comprising of a thank you letter from the Counties Building Supervisor. Also included is a rebuttal from Buzz Barnes to the CWA State Water Chairman, to a 60 Minutes program. Additionally, Scrapbook 2 documents CWA’s participation in the Von’s grape strike. The Scrapbook includes a statement from Vons announcing the grape boycott in June 1989, an excerpt stating, “We will not be carrying California table grapes in this store out of respect for many of our customers and their sympathy with the California farm workers. We will not sell California table grapes at this time. Thank you for your understanding.” The scrapbook includes Imperial Valley Press articles and images of CWA members from the El Centro Chapter holding signs outside of a local Vons reading, “Grape Escape Protect Your Freedom of Choice Shop Elsewhere”; “Shop Elsewhere Call: Bill Danla 818-579-1400.” The creators of the scrapbook include photographs of UFW members protesting a release from the California Department of Food and Agriculture verifying that California grapes are regularly tested and CWA sponsored attack ads against Cesar Chavez in local newspapers.


The 1988 section in Scrapbook 2 documents CWA’s various chapter events and activities and statewide conventions and conferences.

    This section includes posters created by the Agriculture Council of America’s campaign “Honoring America’s Providers,” as well as posters from National Agriculture Day “Honoring America’s Providers—Continuing the Legacy.” There is a collection of photographs from the San Joaquin County fair. This collection includes five photographs of CWA members setting up the booth with a farm, food, and plants to illustrate the theme “Sowing the Sprouts of Agriculture.” Furthermore, there are documents that recognize Ag Day including an AG Day Breakfast flyer and program, letters from state governors, members of Congress, and the President to salute the achievements of the working men and women of the American food and fiber industry—the farmers and ranchers, the businesses that supply them with materials and services they need the processors. Additionally, there are photographs of the Newman Centennial Westside Stanislaus Chapter’s Mein Liebling doll reproduction at the Ag Day festival. Also included are fifteen photographs of Ag Story Song, a drama by Lake wood School students. Furthermore, there are eight photographs of the State Fair Gala, from August 18, 1988 and a program for that event. Additionally, there are seven photographs from the 1988 Ag Booster Barbeque and a program. There are also seven photographs, newspaper articles, and a list of participating chapters in Supermarket Saturday. Finally, there are thirty-three photographs of CWA members participating in the Cross California Tour and nine photographs of CWA members at the Tour of the Ratla Ranch.

    This section also includes documents of CWA conventions, conferences, and receptions in 1988. There are fifty-six photographs of the 12th Annual CWA Convention in Ontario, California, held January 17, 1988. The theme of the convention was “Agriculture California’s Gold.” The photographs document the dinner and show at Medieval Times and a fashion show. Additionally, there are fifteen photographs of CWA members attending the AAW Convention in Philadelphia. Also, there are twelve photographs of CWA members attending the May 1988 State Board Meeting in Modesto, California and nine photographs at the State CWA Board Meeting. Also, there are four photographs of CWA members participating in the Farm Women’s Leadership Forum in Washington D.C. There are eleven photographs of President Campbell visiting CWA Chapters. Finally, there are eleven photographs from the 1988 Legislative Reception.


    The 1987 section in Scrapbook 2 documents CWA’s various chapter events and activities and statewide conventions and conferences.

    There are eight photographs of the May 23, 1987 South Bay’s “Springtime on the Farm.” Also, there are photographs and a summary of National Ag Week events and a special message from the CWA president. Additionally, there are fifteen photographs from the September 13, 1987 Ag Boosters Day. Also, there are fifteen photographs from the June 8-9, 1987 American Agri-Women Fly-in, including a photo with former Republican presidential candidate, Bob Dole. Finally, there is correspondence from June 1987 with the North Dakota Agri-Women.

    There is an Adopt a Legislation Resolution, signed March 11, 1987, by Willie Lewis Brown. Also, there is an Ag Day Proclamation, March 20, 1987, signed by Governor George Deukmejian and eleven photographs. Furthermore, there are ten photographs of congressional representatives from the State Board Meeting in Sacramento, California and fourteen photographs from the May 13, 1987 CWA State Meeting in Sacramento. Additionally, there are sixteen photographs from the January 1987 State Convention in Visalia and photographs from the June 11-12, 1987 National Farm Women Leadership Forum. Finally, there are twelve photographs from the North East California Fundraiser, with Leona Lewis as the speaker.

Series 3: Scrapbook 3, 1990 to 1991

Created by CWA State Historian Dolares Ottenwalter

    Scrapbook 3 reports on the history of the CWA between the years of 1990 and 1991. The documents in Scrapbook 3 are arranged largely around State CWA and local chapter events and largely in chronological order. Some of the topics featured in Scrapbook 3 include: the annual conventions, receptions, and banquets, consumer and public school education efforts, the Grape Boycott, state fairs, and California propositions.

    Scrapbook 3 opens with a 1989 poster titled, “Harvest.” The poster is part of a yearly series of posters sponsored by the Agricultural Council Education Foundation and created by Bart Forbes. The Scrapbook also includes the 1990 poster titled “Tradition and Change.”

    Scrapbook 3 also highlights several CWA conventions, receptions, and banquets. The first convention mentioned is the 14th Annual State Convention in Ventura, California, from Friday January 12 to Monday January 15, 1990. The theme of the convention was “Harvest By The Sea.” Also included are a program, travel brochure of Ventura, an announcement for the convention and eighteen photographs of CWA taking tours and visiting booths. Additionally, the scrapbook features the 16th Annual State Convention of CWA held in Garden Grove, California, from January 10-13, 1992. Included are an agenda, map, program, and sixty-five photographs. Furthermore, there are twenty-three photographs and an agenda of the Executive Board Meeting from May 14, 1991. Also, there are photographs from various State Board Meetings including: the March 8, 1990 meeting in Sacramento, thirteen photographs, the July 11th meeting, twenty one photographs, the September 10th, nine photographs), and January 10, 1991. Additionally, the scrapbook includes a program from the 12th Anniversary celebration of the California Agriculture Leadership Program, held in Sacramento. There are thirty-eight photographs of the AAW Convention and thirty photographs of the June 11-12, 1991 Fly In. Also, there are eight photographs of the AAW Mid-Year Meeting. Finally, there are thirty-three photographs and a flyer of the main speaker, comedian Larry Wilde from the Banquet and Installation, held January 14, 1990.

    Scrapbook 3 also highlights CWA events throughout 1990 and 1991. In addition to statewide events, this scrapbook also includes individual chapter newsletters from Sacramento Valley, San Joaquin, Central Valley, Santa Maria, Stanislaus, Salinas Valley, Kings River, Coachella Valley, Merced, providing information about chapter activities and fundraisers.

    One of the first statewide events included in the scrapbook is the Newhall Land and Farming Company’s 100th Anniversary, held June 1, 1983. Included are a brief history of the company in a colorful brochure, nine photographs of CWA members taking a tour, and six individual thank you letters to the company for sponsoring the visit. This scrapbook also includes newspaper articles that highlight Ag Day events and State Fair photographs. Additionally, Scrapbook 3 includes a newspaper article on the Legislation Committee’s “Trading Shoes/Exchanging Views” held on June 30, 1990, part of the Ag Day Breakfast program. Participants agreed to share time with a Farm Bureau Family, and in turn, invite their exchange partner to spend a day in their work environment.”

    Scrapbook 3 also includes brochures created by the CWA and external organizations that promote healthy eating of five fruits and vegetables a day. It also includes a flyer for the “ABCs of Consumer Concerns” workshop. An additional event in the scrapbook concerning consumers includes documentation of Supermarket Saturday. Supermarket Saturday focused on consumer education, face-to-face interaction with consumers to share information about agriculture and the important role that farmers play in their everyday life. The scrapbook explains how activities varied from chapter to chapter, with activities including, giveaways, food tastings, and passing out literature (topics including health and nutrition, food preparation, food value, and impact of careful initiative). Scrapbook 3 highlights the statewide event in its third year of the program with newspaper clippings, brochures, and photographs.

    Scrapbook 3 also includes a significant amount of information about the CWA’s Agriculture in the Classroom program. There is a document that includes correspondence between CWA Education Task Force representatives and the California Department of Education as they discussed efforts to create an initiative for an agriculture program, Project FLP (Food, Land, and People) for the classroom. The purpose of the program was to provide students with an overview of the agricultural industry, to learn how agriculture directly affects them, to associate agriculture with the food they eat, the clothes they wear, the everyday items they use, and to learn about the contributions of agriculture in the economy, their communities, and around the world. The documents show that the program included workshops for teachers, a curriculum guide with worksheets, class projects, lesson plans, and discussion guides. The curriculum also made connections to math, spelling, reading, plants, animals, harvesting, machinery, soil, and water.

    The final events that Scrapbook 3 includes are the Annual Booster’s Barbeque and advertisement for an agricultural film. There is advertisement for the 13th Annual Booster’s Barbeque, held September 9, 1990, at Dennes Combs’ River Ranch. Announced in the advertisement is that the event included music, dancing, a store, an art show, silent auction, cheese tasting, door prizes, and raffle. Additionally, there are twenty-five photographs and tickets from the event. Also included is the 14th Annual Booster’s Barbeque flyer, fifteen photographs and tickets from the event. Finally included is a flyer of the film “Fields of Gold.” The film was about the California agricultural industry, from Spanish land grants to the present. The film was partially funded by the CWA, along with forty-one other organizations. The preview for the film was held July 29, 1990 and hosted by Dale Roberson.

    Scrapbook 3 also features newspaper clippings and photographs of CWA activism surrounding California Propositions and agricultural protests that took place between 1990 and 1991.

    The first California proposition featured is Proposition 134. CWA members organized in 1990 to defeat Proposition 134, which would have increased taxes on beer, wine, and distilled spirits. The CWA argued there were hidden costs in the proposal, and that the alcohol beverage industry, one of the largest agricultural products in California, would be negatively and dramatically impacted. At the time, the industry made $800 million annually. With the new law, the CWA proposed that the sales of alcohol would decrease from ten to twenty-five percent; a $123 million reduction. Also, nearly 2000 agricultural workers would lose their jobs. Additionally, the CWA argued that the programs proposed in the bill were “pet programs,” that would not benefit California consumers, especially as only three percent would be devoted to drunk driving prevention programs. Ultimately Proposition 134 was defeated. Scrapbook 3 includes newspaper articles and photographs of CWA members protesting the proposition.

    The second California proposition featured is Proposition 135. CWA members organized in support for this proposition as it would create pesticide regulations and expand state pesticide monitoring program for producing and processing foods, establish state training and information programs for pesticide users, and mandate review of cancer- causing pesticides. This proposition did not pass. Scrapbook 3 includes newspaper articles and photographs of CWA members demonstrating.

    The third California proposition featured is Proposition is 128. CWA members often organized in 1990 against the proposed proposition, which they often referred to as “Big Green.” This law would change laws governing pesticides and food safety, air pollution emissions, ect. It would require regulation of pesticide use to protect food and agricultural worker safety and phase out use on food of pesticides known to cause cancer or reproductive harm, chemicals that potentially deplete the ozone layer. The proposition was ultimately defeated. Scrapbook 3 includes a newspaper article and fourteen photographs of CWA members protesting the proposition.

    Scrapbook 3 also includes newspaper articles and documents from the CWA galvanizing support to protest Von’s boycott on table grapes due to the agreement they made with the UFW. The scrapbook includes a CWA flyer that was circulated in an attempt to receive an urgent response from its members to petition state legislators and to convince the public not to support the UFW because they argued, “Chavez has coerced (black mailed) Von’s markets into not advertising California table grapes. This could spread to other grocery chains and other types of produce.”

Series 4: Scrapbook 4, 1992 to 1993

Created by CWA State Historian Dolores Ottenwalter

    Scrapbook 4 reports on the history of the CWA between the years of 1992 and 1993. Some of the topics featured in Scrapbook 4 include: annual conventions, seminars, meetings, state fairs, National Ag Week, and Farm Tours. Significant events, activism events, and meetings are described.

    This scrapbook opens with a poster and features additional posters created by Bart Forbes, and sponsored by the Agriculture Council of America Education Foundation Inc. The posters are titled: “America’s Bounty” from 1991, “Sharing our Finest” from 1992, and “The Faces of Agriculture” from 1993.

    Scrapbook 4 documents CWA events from 1992 to 1993. National Agriculture Week is documented with newspaper articles and five photographs. Also, included is a photograph of the mayor of Blythe on the proclamation of Ag Week and ten additional photographs of President Lanini speaking at an Ag Week event. Also included is a summary of Ag Week events. Additionally, California State Fair items, from August 1992 are included. Included are eighteen photographs, a letter from the California Exposition and State Fair Exhibit Coordinator congratulating the CWA for getting the “Most Creative,” award amongst twenty-two other exhibits in the Agri-Fair section; the ribbon is also in the scrapbook. An additional fair that scrapbook 4 highlights is the Colorado State Fair. In particular, the scrapbook documents the CWA sponsored “Cow Chip Bingo” scholarship fundraiser. Included are eight photographs showing excerpts from the competition, a cow dropping “chips” that fall on a square assigned a number that matches a ticket holders corresponding ticket number. The winner won $500. Also, the scrapbook has seven photographs of the National Date Festival. The final fair included is the construction of the CWA fair booth, which includes thirty-two photographs.

    Scrapbook 4 documents the fifteenth and sixteenth annual Ag Booster BBQ’s. The fifteenth annual BBQ was held on September 13, 1992 at Dennes Coombs’ River Ranch, which includes eighteen photographs. The sixteenth annual BBQ was held on September 12, 1993, and includes eight photographs. The CWA held another BBQ in Coachella Valley, on March 29, 1992. Also, the CWA held a Donor Appreciation Dinner on August 27, 1992, at the home of Walter and Patsy Stile, which includes ten photographs. Additionally, scrapbook 4 includes an invitation from Governor Pete Wilson for the 32nd Annual California Prayer Breakfast. Additionally, the scrapbook includes thirteen photographs of “Day on the Farm” on May 22, 1993 at the Lindberg and Lewallen Farms with the Girl Scouts, 125 Brownies. Lastly, scrapbook 4 includes articles of “Ag in the Classroom” and sixteen photographs and a program from the fall 1993 Fashion Preview show, sponsored by Gottschalks and the CWA.

    Scrapbook 4 documents CWA activism from 1992 to 1993. A significant issue discussed is concerns over water use. There are articles of the CWA protesting the state of California’s for allocating water to save endangered salmon, at the expense of farmers. The scrapbook also includes a letter that the CWA sent to Governor Pete Wilson about their concern for agriculture water use. Also included is a flyer for a May 5th and May 16, 1992 CWA Water Workshop, lead by former CWA President, Lynn Skinner, to educate the public about water, at the United Methodist Church of Dos Palos. Furthermore, there is a flyer for the “America’s Bounty: Policies and Planning Actions for Conserving Agricultural Land” meeting, held in Fresno, California on February 28, 1992 and in Stockton, California on March 6 1992. Finally, scrapbook 4 documents a CWA rally at CSU Chico State on May 26, 1992. The CWA protested CSU Chico State’s President Robin Wilson’s decision to discontinue the campus’ Agriculture and Human Environmental Sciences Departments due to budget constraints. The scrapbook includes photographs of the CWA protesting, some of the banners reading: “How can we feed the world if we aren’t able to learn how?,” “Cut benefits, not futures,” and “Trim if off the ‘top’ Tobin.” Also documented is a letter from CWA President Lanini to President Wilson. Finally included are newspaper articles that explain that President Wilson did not cut the departments, instead made eight percent budget cuts to each of the other campus departments.

    Scrapbook 4 documents CWA meetings from 1992 to 1993. The first meeting documented is the installation of the sixteenth annual convention, held January 10-13, 1992 in Garden Grove, California. Included are a program, sixteen photographs, and articles of the installation of the new CWA President, Sharan Lanini, a third generation grower from Salinas. Also documented in scrapbook 4 are State Board Meetings: March 9-11, 1992 (a program and sixteen photographs), September 14, 1992 held in Fresno (an agenda and eight photographs), March 8-9, 1993 (eighteen photographs, guest speaker, Governor Pete Wilson), and July 9-10, 1993 (ten photographs, guest speaker, Frieda Caplan). Additionally, the State Board Executive Committee, held on November 16, 1993 in San Diego is documented with twenty-two photographs. Also, documented is the Central District Seminar, with nine photographs and forty-four photographs of the January 9, 1993 State Convention.

    Scrapbook 4 documents the American Agri-Women Mid-Year Meeting, held in Kansas City. Included are a postcard of National Farmer’s Memorial, “An opportunity to share,” additional postcards, brochures, and twenty six photographs. Also, another meeting was held in Missouri from April 17-18, 1993 with thirteen photographs. The Coachella Valley Chapter held a meeting on April 15 with two photographs of special guests, Beverly Sfingi (South District Representative), Shirley Butvidas (State Consumer Task Force Chairman), and Benla Nyback (State Religious Task Force Chairman). Also, scrapbook 4 documents the May 11, 1992 Ag Tour State Board Meeting Foster City called, “Education and Scenic Tour.” The scrapbook documents this event with fifty-eight photographs of the tour, from Stanford University to Pescadero and Pigeon Point, visit to houses, row crops at Webb Ranch in the foothills, dried flowers, artichokes, and strawberries, at the Pacific Mushroom Farm, part of Campbell’s Soup Corporation. Also included are photographs of Yan Can Cook’s demonstration and an itinerary of the tour.

    Finally scrapbook 4 includes a membership report from each chapter, up to December 18, 1992 and an Annual Finance report documented January 1993. Also, included are fifteen photographs of the Executive Board Retreat in Carmel Valley on February 6-7, 1993 and fifty-two photographs and an itinerary of the Legislative Reception, held on March 8, 1993.

Series 5: Scrapbook 5, 1994 to 1995

Created by CWA State Historian Dolores Ottenwalter

    Scrapbook 5 reports on the history of the CWA between the years of 1994 and 1995. Some of the topics featured in Scrapbook 5 include: chapter specific events, annual conventions, seminars, meetings, “Ag in the Classroom,” and National Ag Week.

    This scrapbook opens with a poster of an artichoke and features additional posters, for Ag Week by Yvette Watson/MacVicar, and two additional posters by Chase Fagan and sponsored by John Deere titled “Growing Better Everyday: In Partnership with Nation (1994), and “Growing Better Every Generation to Generation (1996).

    Scrapbook 5 documents CWA meetings from 1994 to 1995. The first meeting that the scrapbook includes is the January 7-9, 1994 State Convention in Monterey, California. Included is a flyer of the weekend’s activities, Monterey Bay brochures, twenty photographs, an agenda, and newspaper clippings stating Pam Jones was installed as the new CWA President. The State Board Meetings: March 1994 in Sacrament (sixty-two photographs and an agenda), July 9, 1994 in Ventura (theme: “CWA’s Role in Public Relations: A Participatory Session” and an agenda), September 10, 1994 in Fresno (thirteen photographs and an agenda), May 20, 1995 in Ontario (thirty-three photographs), July 14- 15, 1995 (twelve photographs, agenda, and meeting notes), and November 17, 1995 in Napa (twenty-one photographs and agenda). Also, the April 30-May 2, 1994 Mid-Year Board Meeting in Kansas City, Missouri is documented with a description of the events and ten photographs. Additionally, the Executive Board Meeting, held September 10, 1994 is included with twenty-five photographs and agenda.

    The Executive Board Retreat, held March 6-7, 1995, in Sacramento, California is documented with seventy-eight photographs and an agenda. Also included is the 20th Annual Convention, held January 13-15, 1995 in Visalia, California. The theme for the convention was: “Spotlight on Agriculture: Celebrating 20 Years.” Included are eighty photographs of the reception, registration, luncheon, and speakers: Harvey Dean and Frank Abagnale. Additionally, sixteen photographs from the September 11, 1994 Dennes Coombs’ River Ranch tour are included. Also, the American Agri-Women Annual Convention, held November 10-14, 1994 in Tigard, Oregon is included with thirty-two photographs of the AAW 20th Anniversary dinner and awards banquet, two postcards.

    Scrapbook 5 documents CWA events from 1994 to 1995. This scrapbook documents events organized by individual CWA chapters. For example, included are three photographs of Coachella Valley Chapter’s March 13, 1994 Farmer’s BBQ. Also, included are four photographs of the February 19, 1994 National Date Festival display and the chapter winning a ribbon for their display. Another chapter featured is the Northbay Chapter. Included is a flyer for their 1994 Ag Day Project of an essay contest for third to sixth graders, along with the winning essay titled “How Sonoma County Touches My Life.” Also nineteen photographs of the San Joaquin Chapter’s Ag Day Breakfast are included, and of their speaker, CWA President Pam Jones and participants. Another chapter included is the Merced County and five photographs of their AG Day Luncheon, also including photographs of the CWA President. Also, the San Joaquin’s 1994 fair booth “Pick of the Pack Commodity Cherries” is included with twelve photographs. In addition to other various CWA chapters featured in scrapbook 5 are five photographs of Sacramento Valley Chapter’s Ag Week.

    Additional events documented in scrapbook 5 include is an invitation from the state government for the attendance of the CWA President to the 33rd Annual California Prayer Breakfast. Also, seven photographs are included of the March 8, 1993 CWA Reception held in Sacramento, where Assemblyman Rusty Areias launched a campaign for State Controller to curb government waste and inefficiency. The scrapbook also includes a letter from Agri- Women about teaming up with CWA for Agriculture Week 1994. Additionally, the scrapbook includes a flyer showing the CWA joining women in Australia for a “Women in Agriculture Across the Nation—Around the World” International Conference in 1994.

    Scrapbook 5 has several references to the “Ag in the Classroom” program, including the “Teachers Tour Dairies,” with newspaper clippings, which also include photographs. Additionally, the CWA and California Foundation for Agriculture Program, co-sponsors for the program hosted an “Ag in the Classroom” seminar for teachers in 1994; included are six photographs and a sticker stating, “A is for Agriculture.” Scrapbook 5 also includes a flyer of a new education program called, “Seeds of Success,” an effort to distribute vegetable and flower seeds to schools and low-income organizations.

    Also included are various newspaper articles spotlighting CWA members as mothers, wives, and growers. Additionally, Corky Larson, a founding CWA officer has a mail pamphlet with information about her run for Congress. Also included are several CWA President newsletters and Compass newsletters, and a 1994 directory of State Official Officers. Additionally, the 17th Annual Ag Booster BBQ, held September 11, 1994 is included with twelve photographs, as well as the 18th Annual Ag Booster BBQ, held on September 10, 1995, with a flyer, ticket, and twenty-six photographs. Also included are sixty-six photographs of the “Celebration of Life”—prayer ceremony with candle lighting, to show thanks for the bountiful crops, season-by-season.

    Awards and recognitions are included in scrapbook 5, including a “Congratulations to Us! ‘Agriculture’s Supermarket” Best in Show Agri-Fair exhibit at the 1994 California State Fair; also including ten photographs of the ribbon and display. Additionally, recorded are three urban legislators, documented in a newspaper article and five photographs and the CWA “Cornucopia” Award of Excellence flyer for call for nominations.

    Finally, an example of activism in the 1994 to 1995 year is the Endangered Species Act (ESA) protest. The CWA and other protested the ESA on August 29, 1994 from arresting a Kern County farmer for destroying with his tractor, the habitat of the Tipton Kangaroo Rat, an endangered species. CWA members are quoted in newspaper articles with the sentiment that this was Endangered Species Act abuse, and encouraged “Farmers, friends come together to protest ESA.”

Series 6: Scrapbook 6, 1996 to 1998

Created by State Historian Dolares Ottenwalter

    Scrapbook 6 reports on the history of the CWA between the years of 1996 and early 1998. The documents in scrapbook 6 are arranged according to individual events and issues and chronologically from year to year. Some of the topics featured in Scrapbook 6 include: annual conventions, statewide events, state fairs, and individual chapter events.


    The 1996 section in Scrapbook 6 is the largest section as it documents CWA’s annual conventions, conferences, community events, and legislative initiatives. The first convention that the scrapbook documents is the twenty-first annual State Convention held in Oakland, California January 19-21, 1996. The theme for the convention was “Resolving Conflicts-Building Bridges.” Included are sixty-one photographs, a program, brochure of the resort, a flyer announcing the convention. The scrapbook also highlights one of the events from the convention, the “Celebration of Life” ceremony, incorporating prayers recited and photographs of the host, Kathie Rivara, assistants, Bev. Sfingi, Nadine Wright, and Gertie Zehring. Other state meetings featured are the State Board Meetings from: March 11-12, 1996 in Sacramento (ninety-six photographs), May 18-19, 1996 in Carmel (program and eleven photographs), July 12-13, 1996 in Santa Rosa (fifty-six photographs), September (forty-one photographs), and November in San Diego (thirty-one photographs). The scrapbook focuses on the March 11-12, 1996 State Board Meeting because during the convention, Governor Pete Wilson signed a bill extending the use of pesticides, particularly methyl bromide. Also highlighted is that Governor Wilson signed the bill into law with a CWA pen. Another important CWA convention included in scrapbook 6 is the American Agri-Women (AWW) National Conference in Washington D.C., June 9-11, 1995 and in 1996. Included are thirteen photographs and a flyer. Finally, the scrapbook documents various chapter’s events, fundraisers, fairs, reports, and newsletters.

    Scrapbook 6 documents community events from 1996. It includes photographs and articles about National Ag Day, March 19, 1996. Chas Fagan painted the posters created for National Ag Day, distributed throughout the scrapbook from 1995 to 1998. The 1995 poster is titled, “Growing Better Everyday: In Partnership with Nature,” 1996, “Growing Better Everyday, Generation to Generation,” 1997, “Growing Better Everyday...Together,” and 1998, “Growing Tomorrows.” Also, there is a September 8, 1996 Ag Booster BBQ flyer and ten photographs. Additionally, there are seven photographs of Coachella Valley’s Annual BBQ, held March 16-17, 1996. Additionally, scrapbook 6 documents a benefit dinner celebrating the 10th Annual California for Agriculture in the Classroom, 1986-1996 in Sacramento on March 21, 1996. Furthermore, the scrapbook includes articles about teachers working with Ag in the Classroom curriculum and includes a list of Seeds for Success recipients. Finally scrapbook 6 documents various country fairs.

    Scrapbook 6 documents a few activism events and environmental issues. The scrapbook includes a newspaper spread that lists eighty-four years of California initiatives, their titles and whether is passed or not. Also, the scrapbook includes documents and articles about water usage concerns. The CWA Water Task Force created information sheets about water projects in California, school programs, and two photographs. Finally, scrapbook 6 includes a letter from Scully Packing Company thanking CWA members for their support in passing California SB1988 bill allowing teenagers, ages sixteen and seventeen to work in the packinghouse for a maximum of sixty hours per week.


    The 1997 section in Scrapbook 6 documents CWA conventions. The State Board Meetings included are the twenty-second annual State Convention, held January 16, 1997 in Santa Barbara (includes a program of events and 112 photographs), the March 18, 1997 meeting (includes a program), the March 15-16, 1998 meeting (includes a program, fifty- seven photographs, including images of the Harris Ranch Tour), the July 11-12, 1997 meeting in Chico (includes an agenda, seventy-four photographs, including images of the Chico State Farm Tour), the September 8, 1997 meeting (includes twenty photographs), and the November 6, 1997 meeting in Palm Desert (includes a map and sixty photographs). Additionally, scrapbook 6 documents the AAW Mid-Year Meeting, held in Denver, Colorado, April 3-6, 1997 with eleven photographs. Finally included are seventy-two photographs of the Legislative Reception held on March 17, 1997 in Sacramento.

    Scrapbook 6 documents community events in 1997. It includes newspaper articles of National Ag Week, held March 16, 1997, newspaper articles and eighteen photographs of the California State Farm, and eight photographs of the Date Festival. Finally, the 20th Annual Ag Booster BBQ, held September 7, 1997 is documented with forty-two photographs of events at the Dennes Coombs’ Riverbend Ranch, including a cow-milking contest.

    Scrapbook 6 documents two activism events. First, it includes a newspaper article of UFW members hosting a march to advocate for strawberry workers to unionize. Second, the scrapbook includes newspaper articles of Governor Pete Wilson signing into law two ESA reform bills, in response to the 1994 arrest of a Kern County farmer destroying the habitat of an endangered species, the Tipton Kangaroo Rat. The two bills, SB231 and SB879 established guidelines for “incidental” killing of endangered species and destruction of habitats. The bill also included legislation to create a program that would encourage farmers to voluntarily set up protection for animals on their farms.


    The 1998 section of scrapbook 6 is very brief, with twenty-seven photographs of the 1998 State Convention, held January 16-18, 1998.

Series 7: Scrapbook 7, 1998 to 1999

Created by CWA State Historian Dolores Ottenwalter

    Scrapbook 7 reports on the history of the CWA between the years of 1998 and 1999. The documents in scrapbook 7 are arranged according to individual events and issues and chronologically from year to year. Some of the topics featured in scrapbook 7 include: annual conventions, statewide events, state fairs, and individual chapter events, and. Additionally, some documents included are of facts about agriculture from the Consumer and Food Safety (CDFA), CWA President newsletters, Compass newsletters, notices of CWA member deaths, and individual chapter newsletters.

    This scrapbook opens with a poster of a 1997 Ag Day poster created by Chase Fagan titled “Growing Better Everyday...Together. Additionally, two additional Ag Day posters are included for 1998 and 1999, both titled “Growing Tomorrows.”

    Scrapbook 7 documents CWA meetings and other organization events. The scrapbook documents the State Conventions beginning with the January 16-18, 1998 convention held in Stevension, California. It includes 189 photographs, including images of the “Wine and Roses” Golf Tournament, a list of state officers, a flyer, and an agenda. Furthermore, the March 9-10, 1998 State Meeting, held in Sacramento, California is included with ninety-six photographs, a flyer, and a calendar of events. Additionally, the May State Board Meeting, held May 14-15, 1998 in Bakersfield is documented with an agenda, flyer of the “Seeds of Success” garden program for schools and businesses, and ninety-eight photographs, including images of the tour of Tracy Ranch, a Frito-Lay processing plant. Also recorded is the July 10, 1998 State Board Meeting with a flyer, articles, and fifty-seven photographs. Additionally, the September State Board Meeting held in Fresno is documented with a program, list of state officers, and forty-six photographs. Furthermore, the November 6-7, 1998 State Board Meeting, held in Ventura is included with an agenda and forty-eight photographs, including twenty-one images of the Hansen Ag Learning Center for research on crop methods, practices, and conservation.

    Additionally, the January 1999 24th Annual State Convention, held in Imperial, California includes a program and eighty-one photographs. Also, the March 12-13, 1999 Executive Board and State Board Meeting are documented with thirty-five photographs. Additionally, the May 18-19, 1999 State Board Meeting held in Sacramento is recorded with a program and fifty-two photographs. Also, the July State Board Meeting is documented with thirty-three photographs. Finally, the November State Board Meeting is included with seventeen photographs.

    Scrapbook 7 also includes information about the CWA’s partnership with American Agri-Women. The scrapbook documents the Australian Agri-Women Tour with fifty photographs, a few newspaper articles, and a description of tour events. Also, the scrapbook documents CWA member’s visit to Melbourne, Australia with fifteen photographs.

    Scrapbook 7 documents CWA partnership with teachers and youth from 1998-1999. The scrapbook records the CWA’s Future Farmers of America Carpinteria Student Ag Program with newspaper articles and seven photographs of students receiving awards. Additionally, a contest winner of “Friends on the Farm” essay contest is included. Scrapbook 7 also includes announcements of additional CWA scholarships and newspaper articles of teachers utilizing the Ag in the Classroom program.

    Scrapbook 7 also records community events from 1998 to 1999. The Coachella Valley BBQ held in 1998 is included with five photographs, including a photo of Cherry Ishimatsu, a founding member of the CWA and former president. Also, the 21st Annual Ag Booster BBQ is documented with flyers and twenty-one photographs, as well as the 22nd Annual Ag Booster BBQ with fourteen photographs. Additionally, festivals are documented including the Date Festival, held February 16, 1999, with four photographs, and the Prune parade with six photographs. Furthermore, state fairs are recorded, including the State Fair, with newspaper articles and ten photographs of the CWA booth. Also, scrapbook 7 includes twelve photographs of the Golden State Museum, held September 26, in partnership with Ag in the Classroom and California Department of Food and Ag. Also, Ag Day 1999 is documented with thirty photographs. Finally, scrapbook 7 includes eighteen photographs of the December 2, 1999 San Joaquin Chapter Christmas Dinner.

Series 8: Scrapbook 8, 2000 to 2001

Scrapbook 8 reports on the history of the CWA between the years of 2000 and 2001. Some of the topics featured in Scrapbook 8 include: annual conventions, festivals, state fairs, meetings, luncheons and special events, such as Ag Day or Family Day at the Park.


    The 2000 section of the Scrapbook 8 opens with a report on the 25th anniversary of the CWA, and the election of the new CWA State President, Ellen Way. The event is documented with an article from The Official Publication of the Indo Chamber of Commerce, which presents Ellen Way, and her educational and professional background. Also, included is a photograph of Ellen Way and her business card. Additionally, twenty-nine photographs documenting the CWA 25th anniversary meeting are included. This section of the scrapbook focuses on CWA annual conventions, receptions, conferences and meetings from the year 2000. Among the meetings, is Convention 2000 in Carmel Valley, documented with ten photographs. Moreover, Scrapbook 8 documents the Legislative Reception celebrating the California Agriculture Industry. The event is documented with the invitation and twenty-four photographs featuring highlights from the Reception. In addition, the scrapbook documents the State Wide-Meeting held in September 2000. Included are over forty photographs documenting the event.

    The 2000 section of the Scrapbook 8 also documents various annual events during which CWA supports local farmers and educates consumers. Among those the Stockton Ag Expo is documented with photographs presenting San Joaquin Chapters of the CWA, and its involvement in the organization of the event. In addition, Scrapbook 8 documents Stockton Asparagus Festival, one of the major fundraisers for the San Joaquin Chapter of the CWA since the mid- 1980s. Included are fifteen photographs featuring highlights from the event, such as picture of Co-Chair Richard Best demonstrating cooking techniques, and various pictures presenting preparation of the meals made from asparagus. Moreover, this section of the scrapbook documents the Second Annual Capitol AgDay with the theme “Reaching and teaching.” Included is a newspaper clipping from Compass, May-June 2000 (the official magazine of the California Women for Agriculture), and over forty photographs featuring highlights from the event, such as guest speakers and various educational presentations for kids. In addition, this section of the Scrapbook 8 documents the 23rd Annual Ag Boosters’ BBQ, held on September 10, 2000. Included are twenty-six photographs from the event. Finally, Scrapbook 8 documents Family Day at the Park, organized on September 16th, 2000 in Victory Park in Stockton. Included are nine photographs presenting members of the San Joaquin Chapter of the CWA, volunteers and families participating in the event.


    The 2001 Section of the Scrapbook 8 opens with the invitation to the California Women of Agriculture Holiday Party & Installation of the Officers, held on December 12, 2000. Also, included is the President’s Newsletter from January 2001, in which Ellen Way announced that President George W. Bush’s nominee for Secretary of Agriculture was CWA member Ann M. Veneman.

    Scrapbook 8 focuses on various annual meetings and conventions. The first meeting mentioned is the CWA’s 26th Annual Meeting and Convention called Ag Odyssey. Included is the January/February 2001 copy of Compass, with an article about the Ag Odyssey convention brochure, an agenda, and thirty-three photographs documenting highlights from the event. Moreover, Scrapbook 8 records the State Meeting held on March 9-10, 2001 in Lodi, California. Included is a brochure and agenda. This section of the scrapbook also includes an agenda and six photographs from the CWA Statewide Meeting held in Sacramento on May 14, 2001. In addition, Scrapbook 8 documents annual Legislative Meeting held on May 15, 2001 in Sacramento. The meeting is documented with an article from the May/June 2001 edition of Compass and over twenty photographs. Moreover, Scrapbook 8 documents the CWA Statewide Meeting held on July 13-14 2001 with a theme “Land Use Regulations.” The meeting is documented with an article from the July/August 2001 Compass newsletter, and twelve photographs from the event. Recorded is also CWA Statewide Meeting held on the 8th of September in Fresno, California. The event is documented with seventeen photographs including highlights from the meeting. Lastly, Scrapbook 8 documents the 2001 American Agri-Women Annual Convention, held on the November 10, 2001 with the theme “Land Use in the 21st Century.” The convention is documented with a brochure and twenty photographs.

    Additionally, Scrapbook 8 includes various newspaper articles documenting achievements of CWA members and portraying female farmers and their importance in national agriculture. Included is a clipping from Sonoma - Marin Farm News, January 2001, with an article about Celia Mello who was honored as the 2001 Sonoma County Farm Bureau Agriculturalist of the Year. Moreover, Scrapbook 8 includes a clipping from The Fresno Bee, Wednesday, January 10, 2001, with an article “Ladies of the Land” dedicated to women in farming. In this scrapbook is also a clipping from The Modesto Bee, Saturday, March 1, 2001, with an article about Ann Veneman who was sworn in as Secretary of Agriculture. Scrapbook 8 also includes an article “It’s not just the guys who are successful in farming,” written by Nick Rappley. The article portrays Margo Souza, a dairy farmer from Turlock, California, who is one of many female farmers from California. In Scrapbook 8 is also an article titled “Women making their mark on farms” by Kiley Russell, which portrays Leslie Dunn, who owns and operates dairy farm in San Joaquin Valley. The article promotes a growing number of female farmers across the country. This scrapbook also includes an article form The Desert Sun, Friday, June 1, 2001, with an article “Women take a look at farm issues,” which presents Tudor Ranch in Mecca. Finally, Scrapbook 8 records an article about Ann Venaman being awarded by The California Council with Golden State Award.

    Scrapbook 8 also focuses on various CWA events organized to promote agriculture and educate consumers. First of the recorded events is the 2001 Stockton Ag Expo. This event is documented with twelve photographs presenting members of CWA San Joaquin Chapter working in a Pie Booth. Scrapbook 8 also documents National Agriculture Day held on March 20, 2011 at Disney California Adventure Park. The CWA took part in the opening ceremonies at Bountiful Farms, a new section of the Park. The event is documented with over twenty photographs including highlights of the day and newspaper clippings with articles about this unusual event. Scrapbook 8 also documents an event organized in Todd Park in Blythe for local elementary school children, who had a chance to play with rabbits, chickens, piglets, a cow and her calf. Included is a paper clipping and twelve photographs presenting kids playing with animals. Lastly, this part of Scrapbook 8 documents special event called “A Day of Wine and Roses,” held on September 7, 2001 at Riverbend Golf Club. Included are twelve photographs from the event.

Series 9: Scrapbook 9, 2002 to 2003

Created by CWA State Historian Doris H. Halemeier

    Scrapbook 9 reports on the history of the CWA between the years 2002 and 2003. The documents in the scrapbook are arranged chronologically and include topics such as: annual events, meetings, conventions, receptions, special events organized for the public, and individual chapter events.


    A bulk of the 2002 section of Scrapbook 9 is dedicated to various annual meetings, conventions, receptions, and conferences. Scrapbook 9 opens with the CWA 27th Annual Convention, with the theme “Building Bridges, Connecting Communities.” The event, which was held on January 11- 13 in Fresno, California, is documented with a brochure and agenda. Also included are twenty- six photographs presenting highlights from the event, such as the Installation of the 2002 Officers, photographs of the five former presidents of CWA present at the Convention, and a photograph of C.J. Hadley, the publisher of Range Magazine (the convention guest speaker). Moreover, the 2002 section of Scrapbook 9 contains a collection of photographs documenting the Legislative Reception celebrating California Industry, held on May 21, 2002. Included is a paper clipping with the photograph of CWA President Carol Chandler, who received a proclamation that officially designated May 21, 2002 California Women of Agriculture Day. Furthermore, this section of the Scrapbook 9 includes five photographs documenting American Agri-Women “Fly In,” held on June 11, 2002 in Washington D.C. Scrapbook 9 also includes photographs documenting the State Meeting, held in July 2002 in San Luis Obispo, California. Additionally, Scrapbook 9 contains a collection of photographs documenting highlights from the Statewide Meeting held on November 8-9, 2002 in Palm Desert, California. Included are also photographs of a performance from Saul Elementary School, called “The Turkeys go on Strike” presented to CWA Members and Friends on November 8, 2002. In addition, section 2002 of Scrapbook 9 contains photographs of the 25th Anniversary of the CWA celebration, and invitations to the event.

    Moreover, section 2002 of Scrapbook 9 focuses on various special events prepared by the CWA for the community. Among those are photographs and articles about Ag Day in L.A, held on March 22, 2002. Included are over sixty photographs of various agricultural exhibits prepared by the CWA for second and third grade students. Additionally, Scrapbook 9 reports on the Annual Agriculture Week with the theme “America’s Largest Classroom on Agriculture,” held March 17-23, 2002. Moreover, Scrapbook 9 holds a collection of photographs and articles about Ag in the Park, an educational event for kids, prepared by the Palo Verde Chapter on the 25th and 26th of March, 2002 in Todd Park. Scrapbook 9 also includes over thirty photographs documenting Ag Boosters’ Silver Anniversary Barbeque, held on September 8, 2002. Also mentioned in Scrapbook 9 is the Ventura County Fair, including the CWA Booth, Fresno Fair, and “Buy California” event organized in Sacramento.

    A bulk of the 2002 section of Scrapbook 9 contains newspaper articles dedicated to various agriculture issues, and articles documenting CWA activism and achievements. Included is an article reporting on the visit of Vice President Dick Cheney, who meet with CWA State President Carol Chandler and Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman to discuss various agriculture topics. Moreover, Scrapbook 9 contains an article documenting the CWA’s involvement in the change of agricultural labor laws in California. The CWA and a coalition of twenty farm groups urged “Governor Gray Davis to veto all bills that would force contracts on farmers and farmworkers without their consent."1 Scrapbook 9 also contains an article portraying Denis Skidmore, of Merced County, coordinator of the Hilmar Cheese Co., who won Excellence in Agriculture Award from the Californian Farm Bureau Federation (discussion on the topic “How can American farmers continue to implement environmental practices while ensuring agricultural viability?”). This scrapbook also includes an article portraying Liz Hudson, local peach farmer with a degree in Agriculture, and her overview of American agriculture. Lastly, Scrapbook 9 contains various articles documenting the work of the CWA Sacramento Valley Chapter, such as participation in the meeting with legislators, held on May 21st, 2002 in Capitol; preparation of the bread and butter making demonstration at Bygone Framing Days, June 22nd and June 23rd; and winning the award for the best booth during 2002 Yolo County Fair.


    This section of Scrapbook 9 focuses on various chronologically arranged meetings, conventions and luncheons. The first of the documented events is CWA’s Annual Convention held January 17-19, 2003 in Solvang, California, with a theme “Reaping the Harvest of Great Minds.” Included are two articles, schedule of events, convention report, and over ninety photographs including highlights of the event, such as a visit to the Quicksilver Miniature Horse Ranch and the Fess Parker Winery, flower arranging workshops, and the Installation of New Officers. Moreover, Scrapbook 9 includes eighteen photographs documenting CWA’s Statewide Meeting, held on March 8, 2003 at Santa Clara University. Scrapbook 9 also documents Common Threads Luncheon Honoring Women in Agriculture, held on March 20, 2003. Included is a list of The Common Threads Recipients with a photograph of 2002-2003 Common Threads Committee Members and nine photographs presenting highlights of the event. Moreover, Scrapbook 9 records the Annual Membership Luncheon celebrating Cinco de Mayo, organized “Efforts Urge Governor to Veto”, Western Grower and Shipper, October 2002, 10.on May 5, 2003 in Carpentaria, California. Included are six photographs with the highlights of the event, two papers clippings and a poster. The scrapbook also documents the CWA’s Statewide Meeting, held on May 19, 2003 in Sacramento, California. Included are nine photographs documenting the event and the meeting agenda. This scrapbook also includes eighteen photographs documenting Sacramento Legislative Visits and nineteen photographs documenting the Adopt-A-Legislator event held on May 20, 2003. Included are also ten business cards of state’s elected officials and California State Senate members. Moreover, Scrapbook 9 includes five photographs documenting A.A.W. “Fly In,” held in Washington D.C. in June 2005. In addition, Scrapbook 9 documents Statewide Meeting held July 11-12 in Bakersfield, California and hosted by Kern County, included are eleven photographs presenting highlights of the event. The Statewide Meeting held September 6-7, 2003 in Fresno, California is documented in the Scrapbook 9 with seven photographs and an agenda. Lastly, Scrapbook 9 documents Central Valley CWA’s Holiday Luncheon, held on December 2, 2003. The event is documented with the invitation and ten photographs presenting the luncheon participants, such as District Attorney, Elizabeth Egan and Juan Arambula, Fresno Co. Supervisor.

    A bulk of section 2003 of Scrapbook 9 is dedicated to the CWA’s special events organized to educate the public about farming, and involve them in the local agriculture industry. The first of the documented events is the annual Ag Day in L.A, held on March 21, 2003, at Alhambra High School Moor Field. Included are thirty nine photographs documenting highlights of the event, such as receiving the National Ag Day Proclamation, photographs of various educational stands prepared for 3rd grade students, and photographs of the Mayor of Alhambra, David Lau; Assembly Member, Judy Chu, and Alhambra School Board Members. In addition, included are paper clippings with articles favoring the event and its importance in the education of young students, who lack contact with agriculture. Moreover, included is the official Ag Day Proclamation. Scrapbook 9 also reports on various activities organized by different CWA chapters. Included are ten photographs documenting Ag In The Park, organized on March 2003 by the Palo Verde Chapter. Also, included are four photographs of Coachella Valley Chapter’s 2003 Scholarship Dinner, and a short note presenting two recipients of the scholarship, Jean Terry, senior from Indio High School, and Desiree Houston, student from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. Moreover, included are ten photographs documenting Casino Night held on May 16, 2003, organized by Central Valley Chapter to collect funds for scholarships programs in the Central Valley, Kings River and Greater Westside Areas. Moreover, Scrapbook 9 documents Ag Booster’s 26th Annual Barbeque, held on September 7, 2003 on Dennes Coomb’s Riverbend Ranch in Madera. Included are twelve photographs of the event and a poster. Scrapbook 9 also reports on the CWA’s support for Carpinteria Middle School Garden Club and Future Farmers of America at Carpinteria High School. Included are ten photographs documenting the visit of Middle Schools Garden Club to the FFA farm at Carpinteria High School, and two articles reporting on the clubs activities. Moreover, Scrapbook 9 records Mother’s Day Flower Plant Sale organized by Carpinteria CWA Chapter to collect the funds for Future Farmers of America expansion program, scholarship winners and other local awards. The event is documented with three photographs and newspaper note. Additionally, Scrapbook 9 includes twelve photographs documenting Rods and Roses Flower Show Auction, held on June 29, 2003 and organized by CWA with the Carpentaria flower growers. Included are also two articles about the event. Lastly, School Garden Tour organized by Santa Maria Chapter in August 2003 is documented with ten photographs.

    Section 2003 of the Scrapbook 9 also includes various newspaper articles focusing on agricultural topics, and documents activism of CWA and its members. Included is an article from The Farm News, Saturday November 8, 2003, which presents Diana Westmoreland Pedrozo, the New Executive Director of The Mercedes County Farm Bureau. Moreover, Scrapbook 9 includes an article from The Press-Enterprise, Thursday, December 5, 2002. The article presents the CWA Inland Chapter and its involvement in the promotion of the agriculture among the residents. The Inland Chapter mostly focuses on the promotion of agricultural studies among college students. To help achieve this goal, the chapter formed a scholarship committee. Scrapbook 9 also includes an article presenting Carol Chandler and Carol Blasingame, who started the agriculture education program at the Big Fresno Fair. Chandler and Blasingame wrote the first curriculum for the education program and started preparing hands-on exhibits for children. In addition, Scrapbook 9 contains an article documenting the involvement of the Tulare-King Chapter in the 2003 Ag-Week celebration. Members of this chapter offered two $100 grocery giveaways to raise awareness about agriculture.

    In addition, Scrapbook 9 includes a section dedicated to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recall campaign and his support for national agriculture. Included are six photographs documenting several agricultural representatives participating in the rally for Schwarzenegger. Moreover, included are paper clippings documenting selection of the members of the transition team for Governor-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger. One of the selected members was Carol Chandler, CWA State President. Also, included are articles showing Schwarzenegger’s support for women in the politics.

    Moreover, Scrapbook 9 includes a few pages dedicated to the CWA’s 29th Annual Convention, held January 9-11, 2004, with the theme “A Toast to California’s Bounty.” Included are over fifty photographs documenting highlights from the convention, and photographs documenting special activities organized during the event, such as Clover Stornetta Farms Tour (nine photographs), and Chateau St. Jean Winery Tour (six photographs).

    Scrapbook 9 ends with a “CWA in Review” section, which includes a few photographs from American Agri-Women Convention held in Montana in 2003, and AAW Fly In, held in Washington. Lastly, included are the following documents: the CWA November 2003 Chapter Membership Report, Northern District Report and North Central Report; also short reports from Ventura County Chapter, Santa Maria Chapter, Palo Verde Chapter, Coachella Valley Chapter, Salinas Valley Chapter, Central Valle Tulare/Kings County, and Central Valley Chapter Meeting Minutes from the meeting held on October 9, 2003.

Series 10: Scrapbook 10, 2004 to 2005.

Scrapbook 10 documents the history of the CWA between the years 2004 and 2005. Some of the topics featured in Scrapbook 10 include: annual meetings, conventions, conferences, special events, such as Ag Day and Legislative Day, and individual chapter events.


    A large portion of Scrapbook 10 is dedicated to various annual meetings and conventions. The 2004 section of the scrapbook opens with the CWA’s Annual Meeting and Convention held on January 9-11, 2004. Included are photographs documenting highlights of the event, the poster with an agenda, and an article from Compass, January/February 2004 with a recap of the convention. Scrapbook 9 also documents the Statewide Meeting held on March 5-6, 2004 in Merced, with a focus topic “Women Innovators in Agriculture,” Included are twenty photographs from the meeting and an agenda. In addition, included is an article from Compass, presenting CWA’s goals and strategies in: education, public relations and legislative literacy, set for the year 2004 during the Statewide Meeting. Moreover, included is an article from Stanislaus Farm News, March 12, 2004, with a recap of the trip to the rural parts of the Merced County (a trip organized during the Statewide Meeting). Included are photographs documenting visited places, such as Full Circle Diary in Ballico and Golden By-Products tire recycling plant. Moreover, Scrapbook 10 documents on the CWA’s Legislative Day, held on May 4, 2004. Included are fourteen photographs documenting the visit at the California’s State Capitol, a short press note from The Harvester, May 2004, and a list of “Tips on Meeting with Legislators or Staff.” Furthermore, Scrapbook 10 documents the CWA’s meeting held on the July 23rd and 24th 2004 in Pomona, California. The meeting, which focused on agricultural education issues, is documented with an article from Compass, July/ August 2004 (with a recap of the event), and nineteen photographs featuring the highlights of the meeting. Moreover, documented are two tours organized for CWA members as a part of the Pomona Meeting. Included are five photographs from the visit to the Galleano Winery, and three notes presenting the history of the winery, and seven photographs and a brochure from the tour to the Graber Olive House. Lastly, Scrapbook 10 records the CWA’s Meeting held on November 2004 in Pismo Beach, California. Included are nine photographs featuring highlights of the meeting and two brochures about Pismo Beach.

    Scrapbook 10 also documents special events organized by various CWA chapters in 2004, to educate the public about the agriculture. Featured is an article with a recap of California Ag Day organized at the California State Capitol, on March 16, 2004. The event focused on educating Californians about challenges facing agriculture in their state. Moreover, Scrapbook 10 contains an article documenting the involvement of the Palo Verde Valley Chapter in the celebration of the National Agricultural Week. The chapter organized an event for fourth graders at Todd Park, during which kids learned about the agricultural industry from farm professionals. Scrapbook 10 also features an article from Compass May/June 2004, which documents AG Day LA held on May 19-20, 2004 at Los Angeles County Fairgrounds. The event was organized to give an opportunity to over 2,000 students, teachers and parents to learn about healthy eating choices. In addition, Scrapbook 10 includes a newsletter from CWA Merced Chapter documenting the annual Merced Chapter Scholarship, awarded to two students from Merced College and to five children of farm workers families who wish to continue their education.


    This section of Scrapbook 10 includes documents from CWA meetings, conventions, conferences, special events and individual chapter meetings, organized in the year 2005.

    The 2005 section opens with the CWA 30th Annual Convention, with the theme “Water Way to the World,” held January 14-16, 2005, in Stockton, California. Included is a brochure, an agenda, an article from Compass, January/February 2005 with a recap of the convention, and thirty two photographs including highlights of the event. Moreover, documented are tours included in the Convention program: the tour to Lodi Wine & Visitor Center (including two photographs and a brochure), the tour to the Haggin Museum (documented with three photographs, museum leaflet, and the exhibit brochure), the tour to Shady Oaks Ranch (six photographs), and the visit at the Alpine Meat Company (three photographs). Moreover, Scrapbook 10 features the Statewide Meeting organized by Palo Verde Valley Chapter, March 4- 5, 2005 in Blythe, California. Included are two brochures advertising the city of Blythe, with a Directory and Visitor’s Guide. In addition, are over forty photographs documenting highlights of the meeting and two articles from Hometown News, March 16, 2005 with recaps of the event. Moreover, Scrapbook 10 documents the Annual Legislative Day held on March 15, 2005 at The State Capitol. Included is the CWA President’s Newsletter with a recap of the event. Scrapbook 10 also contains the California Cut Flowers Commission brochure, documenting the Legislative Action Day, an event organized to talk about issues and concerns impacting the industry. Scrapbook 10 also records the 2005 American-Agri Women Convention, with the theme “Waves of Change,” held November 10-13, 2005 in Monterey, California. Included is a Member Registration Form, The Presidents Newsletter, five paper clippings, a brochure presenting biographies of convention key speakers, and over thirty photographs featuring highlights of the event. In addition, Scrapbook 10 includes 2 photographs and a CWA Member News documenting the American-Agri Women annual Washington D.C. Fly-In, held June 5-8, 2005. Furthermore, Scrapbook 10 documents the Statewide Meeting hosted by Lake Country Chapter on July 2005. Included are two brochures advertising Lake Country, a map of Lake Country Farm Trails, thirty photographs featuring highlights of the event, and a paper clipping from Lake Country News with a recap of the meeting. Lastly, featured is 28th Annual Ag Booster Day held on September 11, 2005 in Madera, California. The event is documented with a poster and an article from Compass July-August 2005.

    Scrapbook 10 also documents various individual chapter celebrations, local meetings and achievements. Featured is an invitation to the annual Kings County Membership Dinner, including two photographs documenting San Joaquin CWA “Celebration in the Country” organized at the home of Aldo and Rosie Togninali, and a brochure documenting activities of the Merced Chapter from January/February 2005. Included is also an invitation to the Annual Table Setting Brunch organized by Stanislaus Chapter on March 19, 2005. Moreover, featured is Turlock Kettle Kick-Off Luncheon, held on November 15, 2005. The event is documented with an invitation and nineteen photographs from the event.

    Part of the 2005 section of Scrapbook 10 is devoted to various events organized by the CWA to promote agriculture and educate the public about farming. Included is the Ag-In-The- Park event held in Blythe, California on March 22, 2005. The event is documented with eight photographs and a paper clipping featuring Priscilla Van Dyke talking to the local elementary school students about farming. Scrapbook 10 also includes a paper clipping from Compass March/April 2005, which documents California Ag Day at the State Capitol and the first annual Capitol-Cook-Off competition between California high school students, using California grown fruits and vegetables. This scrapbook also features Compass March/April 2005 with a recap of Ag Day in L.A, organized for more than 1200 fourth graders from local California schools. Moreover, Scrapbook 10 documents Salinas Valley Farm Day, including five photographs with highlights of the event, such as a vegetable presentation for elementary school students. This scrapbook also focuses “Farmology,” a program prepared by CWA, Agricultural Awareness and Literacy Foundation and the “California Grown” program. The program was created to educate families about connection between food and fiber production and good health. “Farmalogy” mainly focuses on young children, who can learn about farming and locally grown food from a colorful and fun booklets distributed in restaurants. Scrapbook 10 includes a CWA Newsletter article from Compass May/June 2005, “Farmalogy” flyer, a copy of “Farmalogy” booklet and two photographs of “Farmalogy” creators. Moreover, Scrapbook 10 documents Ag One & CWA Bar-B-Que held on September 11, 2005. The event is documented with four photographs. Scrapbook 10 also documents 2005 California Ag in the Classroom Conference, held October 20-22, 2005 in Sacramento, California. The event is documented with a conference leaflet and five photographs presenting various booths presented during the convention. Furthermore, Scrapbook 10 includes an article from Stanislaus Farm News, October 28, 2005, documenting an Annul Safety Seminar organized by Stanislaus County Farm Bureau to educate growers and their employees on safety issues.

    Section 2005 of the Scrapbook 10 includes reports documenting CWA chapters’ activism, and various articles presenting women’s involvement in agriculture industry. Included is a paper clipping from Coastal View News, Thursday, March 31, 2005, with an article about June Van Wingerden from the CWA, who was named Women of the Year by Senator Tom McClintock. The article presents Van Wingerden and her involvement in the preservation of agriculture. Scrapbook 10 also features a copy of The Voice, February/March 2005 with an article about the LEAVEN, an annual American Agri-Woman award given to a few exceptional members of AAW. The articles presents winners of the award and their work and commitment in agriculture industry. Scrapbook 10 also features an article from Ag-Alert, May 4, 2005, dedicated to Wilja Happe, owner of Brand Flowers in Carpinteria, Member of California Farm Bureau Federation, director of CWA and the California Cut Flower Commission. Also included is an article from The Farm News presenting Linda Macedo, honoree of the Common Threads Awards. Macedo, who is the Merced County Farm Bureau Director, was recognized for her activism and community service in agriculture. Scrapbook 10 also includes an article from Merced County News, Saturday, August 13, 2005, documenting the CWA Merced Chapter and Merced County Farm Bureau for making an appeal regarding the conditional use permit for the Merced Community Golf & RV Park. The appeal was made to protect local agriculture from harmful environmental impact. Included is also an article from the special edition of Merced County Farm News, November 2005. The special edition was prepared by the Merced County Farm Bureau to inform the public about the organization and its commitment to local agriculture activism. Lastly, Scrapbook 10 features an article from Stanislaus Farm News, November 18, 2005, dedicated to Elisa Noble, who was chosen as the new director of livestock, public lands and natural resources for the California Farm Bureau Federation. The article focuses on Noble’s education and professional achievements.

Series 11: Inland Empire Chapter Scrapbooks Awaiting processing

  1. 1981-1985
  2. 1991-1994
  3. 1995-1996
  4. 1997-1998

Series 12: Artifact Collection

  1. 32.5 x 32.5’’ framed CWA apron and photos signed by Arnold Schwarzenegger and

Guy Fieri and others.

  1. 15.5 x 21’’ black framed “Foods of the Future” original


  1. Binder “CWA Scholarship Information,” includes small archive of data pertaining to

CWA scholarships

  1. CWA poppy skirt and blouse, “White Poppy Dress State Convention”
  2. Green vest, unmarked
  3. Random printed ephemera including, “Get Rid of Pest” stickers, “CA Grown” CWA

button, CWA patch/clothing

  1. CWA cookbooks, “The Valley Cook” (1978), “The Valley Cook 2” (2002), both from

the Palo Verde Valley Chapter